Japanese ARM

Hello everybody,

I searched on the SOTA Website the Japanese ARM to get information bevor flying to Japan but without success. I also asked our friend Google but no more luck.
I found a post from Andy in July 2015 that explain the start of the Japanese Sota Association. In this was written that the ARM should be published soon in both languages.
Could somebody tell me where I can find this ARM.
Thanks a lot in advance
Laurent de F8CZI

Hello Laurent, F8CZI,

The set of JA, JA5, JA6,JA8 ARMs were not uploaded to the SOTA website on at the first update on 1st June 2015 as we produced a dual language ARM for each. Some detail was updated in December 2015 but still the ARMs did not catch up. We are now working through further updates which will include some new summits.

Naturally, we do not want to publish out of date ARMs just now, when there have been so many changes already in these large associations. The SOTA database information is good to use now.

If you care to send me an email rob@g0hrt.co.uk I can send you the old ARMs v 1.3 for your own personal use, as they are at present. It will be another 2 - 3 months before we can complete checking and add new summits. We will launch the updated ARMs at this time.

In any event, you will be able to find the most essential information on the SOTA website www.sota.org.uk under database or summit listings or associations.

If you are looking to activate a previously un-activated summit then there are still plenty to choose from. Go to either Associations or Summit Listings and click the association of interest. Then click the region of interest. Then open the region to show the summits in that region. You will be able to find the date a summit was last activated and the callsign of that activator. There are many summits still to be activated for the first time.

Good Luck & 73

Associations Manager

In addition to Rob’s post, SOTA JA also has a website (in Japanese) at Summits On The Air Japan
Summit lists are here: SOTA日本山岳リスト | Summits On The Air Japan (SOTA日本支部)


Dear Rob,
I sent you an email for the answer. Thanks.
Laurent de F8CZI

Hi Andrew,

I will check if I have a bit time to learn Japanese before flying on …saturday :joy::laughing:
May be in while the flight :wink:
Laurent de F8CZI