Jammed SOTA Pole

I’ve managed to get the top three telescopic sections of my 6m pole jammed into each other. I’ve tried a bit of WD40 but just ended up in a greasy mess. Any tips for getting the pole telescoping again?

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It happend to me as well, in the end I took the three sections out and kept it as decent sturdy 3mtr pole, then order a new one.

good luck

Tony G7OEM

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You might try heating up the outer section at each joint - used with care, boiling water poured over the end section can be effective. You’ll need gardening gloves or something similar to grasp the poles to twist them after applying the water. Make sure you clean off the WD40 first with soapy water as it will reduce your grip.

I hope this helps - it certainly worked for me. Fortunately I was at home at the time. It would have been very awkward if it had happened on a summit!

73, Gerald

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Enlist the help of a strong friend then both twist each section in the opposite direction. (no good for shandy drinkers).