Jamie N6JFD Congrats GOAT ES SLOTH on Boca Pk


BIG DOUBLE CONGRATS ! Today for your double accomplishment of both GOAT and SLOTH on the top of Boca Pk in the Northern Sierra. Considering the big 50 foot snow winter to date, I recognize what a significant accomplishment this is for you. SOTA es BEER on me is Tahoe.

Best 73/72 OM,


Congratulations Jamie on achieving both Mountain Goat and Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Awesome!! Way to go Jamie!! Hopefully I can buy you a congratulatory beer this summer. It is cool the way you worked Mountain Goat and Sloth into the same activation, probably a first!! Keep on climbing and hopefully we have many more S2S in our future! (You were my first S2S on my very first activation) I appreciate the advice and pointers you have given me since I started this fun hobby. You are one of the inspiring people that make this program and hobby so gratifying!
Ron - K6CPR

Congrats Jamie! Nice to work on your Mountain Goat day. 73 de KG3W Scotty

Well done, Jamie.

First beer in the Lake District is on me.


All best, stay warm, and BAAA!
Ken, K6HPX

Proud to have been one of your QSO’s today…congrats, Jamie.


Dave AA1VX

Thank you all chasers for today and the last four years, as well as the co-activators for the s2s chaser points. I did not even realize I had that many chaser points till last year sometime, and did some careful planning. “
Looking forward to more qsos and making 2x slothgoat. :smile:

73 de N6JFD

Awesome, congratulations Jamie!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Jamie! I listened for you over here as I saw your spots but could never quite pull you out. Too close I guess :wink: 73, Todd KH2TJ

Congratulations Jamie… Lots of fun! 73 Bob AC1Z



When we had our S2S contact yesterday, I had no idea it was your Goat Peak and Shack Sloth session. Thanks for a really nice, solid contact on 20M CW - hearing your S2S call was a pleasant surprise on a sunny, very snowy summit! You’re in many of my logs - hopefully many more!

The chaser points really add up if you log lots of S2S contacts. Some activators don’t log their S2S contacts in the separate S2S log, so they miss all the chaser points that acrue automatically. You’re already well over 1000 S2S points also, so doing quite well!



congratulations Jamie

Hey George, I have actually done activations where I did not post any spots, I was just going to sit, watch the spotter, take in the views, and chase. Those S2S points really do add up! Had one such outing two years ago on Freel Peak (W6/SN-034). Think that outing I had 12 or so S2S QSO. Log those S2S guys those do add up! :smiley:

Congrats Jaime!

Congratulations on the double!

Merle and Herm
KB1RJD and C
Madison, NH

Congrats :goat: and sloth Jamie! 73

I see Woody beat me to the punch on the announcement for our latest W6 Goat and Sloth!

Congrats, Jamie! Here’s what I posted on NA-SOTA:

A big congratulations to Jamie N6JFD, who yesterday simultaneously achieved GOAT and SLOTH status in the same activation.

Here’s his brief report:

I had hoped to get my MG/SS before my VK trip, but WX being what it is, and most of the weekends we were getting hammered here in the Sierra’s MG had to wait. I came up with 4 different plans, and made a command decision that morning of which one to do. What I ended up doing was a peak that had low avalanche danger had the requisite number of points to push me past 1000, was a unique for me, and was going to be in the sunniest part of the Tahoe micro-climate area.

Jamie achieved Mountain Goat status with 120 activations (110 of which were unique) over the past 3.5 years. Well done, Jamie!

W6 Association Manager

One person who I failed to callout the past 24 hours, it was actually @KC5CW who introduced me to this great way to spend even more time in the outdoors, (and expand my horizons when I travel). I spend many a night looking at “where can I go visit next, AND climb a peak or two”. It’s all Curtis’ fault.

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