James M0JCQ now Mountain Goat

Hi James, what a blow so sorry to hear that dreaded bug has left you with such a health problem, lets hope you can resume your activities soon.
We look forward to hearing you on the hills again.
Take care and thanks for the write ups in Radcom.
Regards to Christina hope she is ok and not fell foul to it also. 73 Don.G0RQL.

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Hope to hear you from a summit soon James. All the Best!


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Yes, a familly member has long covid. It seems a long path back, but there is progress.
Very best wishes James, I’m sure you will be summiting again.


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Sorry to hear that James… I was busy congratulating you both… when I spotted the date of the original post!

Hope you are back to full health soon. My wife suffered with post viral Chronic Fatigue for a period in the early 90’s, she took her time to let her body recover, but did get back to the hills and cycling after a period, so there is a way forward. Good luck.