JA8/SB-005, Nisekoannupuri, by JM8OXR, but only just!


apologies for the curtailed activation of JA8/SB-005, Nisekoannupuri today above the Niseko ski resort. Relatively easy access via multiple ski lifts then a steep and somewhat strenuous walk, carrying skis for about a kilometre.

Very busy summit with hundreds of skiers and snowboarders looking for some adventure. I found a marginally quieter place just a few tens of metres along the north ridge with a few rocks to dissuade the snowsports enthusiasts from trashing my antenna!

However, very cold wind on top and despite digging a temporary shack and using a bivvy shelter I stopped after just 4 QSOs.

Thankfully no frostbite to report!

Apologies again and I will try to do better in future.



Hi Colwyn,
Unfortunately in the middle of the night in Europe, no propagation to Japan.
In phone, little chance as well around 8h00 UTC or 18h00 UTC.
Too bad…!
Good trip and 73.

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Welcome to Japan and I hope you are enjoying your trip. If you are looking for DX the main windows are:
UTC 2200-0100 to NA-SA-OS
UTC 0800-1000 to EU-OS
And if the 4th QSO is difficult, CQ 7mhz and you will have a minipileup :joy:
Good luck
73 de JP3PPL