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It’s great to see the increasing SOTA activity now coming out of Japan. I have yet to work any SOTA Station from Japan. I wondered if anyone else in Europe has made QSOs with Japanese summits and if so at what time and on what band?

I saw JS1UEH/0 spotted on SOTAWatch this morning approaching 0700z on 17m and then 15m I tuned in - it’s 1600 hours in Japan now, but there was no propagation for me at that time. Willl keep listening out.

73 Phil

Looking at DXMaps (QSO/SWL real time maps and lists) it looks like the best option at the moment (07:08 UTC) would be 12m. Unfortunately Takeshi is only on 17 & 15m at the moment. From my time in VK, I know the JA ops like 15m a lot.


Ed, I did work Takeshi on 10 metres back in October. That was the only time, all others have been on 15m. Sigs much better in our late evening. Hearing Andrew VK2UH on 15m just now so band condx a little out of the ordinary. BTW, also had a short S9 period of Eurasian video on 49.750 plus local VK Es on 6 and 10metres.
Warming up down here in VK3, Cheers Tony

Hi Tony,
Hope things are all good with you. Saw your comment to Takeshi - 10m could also be a possibility. Heard VK6IA on 28MHz yesterday around 1230 UTC so 10m could also be an option for EU-AP contacts for Phil. DXMaps showing more traffic on 15m betweem JA and EU at the moment - cant hear anything on 21.061 though - so I suspect Takeshi has packed up.

Looks like the conditions on 6 & 10m are comimg good for you for the SOTA challenge!


I have had a few JA/SOTA QSOs on 17/15m cw after our sun rise ( 0630 Z) and have heard other Europeans working them as well. I am more north and east so higher bands open also earlier up here. Not many JAs QRV until bands really start to shine as they get dark the same time there, it will get better in Feb I guess. Sounds like good conditions today as vk9wa is 599+++ on 12m cw right now…

73 Marko OH9XX OH3XR

In the past week or so, I have been working numerous JA’s on 20 metres between 0800 UTC and 0930 UTC. That would be late afternoon in Japan.

VK and ZL (LP) has been coming in well on 20m at the same times.

I also worked a VK2 on 80m at good strength at 1845 UTC yesterday.

Walt (G3NYY)

Very good one and all, lets keep listening then and hope we can log a few JA activators in Europe. I hear JAs fairly easily on 20/17/15 but it’s the fixed stations running a beam and 100 watts or more I can hear. The difference in signal strength between these stations and the activator on a hill running 5 watts to a dipole on a summit is huge, but we’ll keep listening out for the JA spots when they appear.

73 Phil

JAs are also limited to 50 watts when portable, unlike a home station. The point is typically moot as most run 817s in the field anyway, but there’s less headroom to push power up if needed.


Thank you for good news.
I will check 12m/10m band.
And I hope to work on 6m by TEP too.
I think, be winter here today, and should be the cold measures.
Takeshi JS1UEH

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