Dear friends , i heard today IX1/I1ABT , who called cq SOTA from I/VA-002 . Has anybody information about this operation ? I know, the Aosta Valley (IX1) is a very spectacular mountain region , and i am happy to hear italian stations are working from mountains too . 73 Ben DL2DXA

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Hello Ben,

Bruno I1ABT was in the Aosta Valley, very close to France.
His QTH was the summit “Col Della Croce” on 2373m (QTH-loc. JN35LR).

Unfortunately SOTA-Italy is not involved in “our” SOTA-programm,
but lets hope for a good agreement someday.


Vy73 es cu soon, AWDH de Fritz DL4FDM,HB9CSA

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Danke Fritz ! 73 und awdh ! Ben DL2DXA

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Bruno has been calling “CQ SOTA” from Italy for a few weeks now. I worked him last on the 13th July when he was giving the reference SOTA I/VA-003.

Must be wishful thinking !!


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Belonging Italy.
Why don’t create two associations like as Germany ?
One separate Alpine for SOTA and for the already existing to leave it at that.