iw2obx/p Monte Barro I/LO-291 07/05/2022

Hi Guys!
my daughter woke me up at 1:30 utc, after one hour she and my XL returned to sleep. I had lost sleep. I decided to activate a summit near my qth. I started from the parking with use of headlamp and I walked to Pian Sciresa,

I reached Sasso della Vecchia with first light.

I realized that I should have made a lighter rucksack, I put in my rucksack the reflex with heavy lens. I decided to use it for shotting some pics along the ridge.

At 4:20 utc I was on the top, tired and sweaty. I started to call at in 30cw after some european qsos I try to contact ZL4YY that call some khz up from my Qrg. It was useless.

I qsy in 20cw and I managed 3 dx station @vk1da/p @ak5sd and @r8dr. I concluded the activation putting a log sv1day Manos. I climbed down along middle-path it was more challenging due to mud.
Thank you chasers!
73 Roberto


Great activation report Roberto, well done. Terrific photos also.

cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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I was excited to get you in the log. I was thinking that it was an odd hour for you to be up there. :wink:


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hi Geoff, other pics with tokina 24-70 2.8f

Hi Scott, I was incredulous when I hear your call. I never managed a qso with United States in that time.

Thanks at All
73 Roberto

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