It's time for.... the 2024 10m Challenge. (Part 5)

Ah! I don’t really follow HF contests, I can normally swap between CW/SSB and bands to escape the mayhem. But the mayhem today was nice QSOs for the challenge. BY0AC was a damn big signal but he may well have had high noise levels that made his hearing QRP stations hard never mind EUs calling BI4XDT almost on the same frequency. Interestingly BY0AC was in the bit of China near Kyrgyzstan, just a few hundred miles fruther Noth.

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I couldn’t commit 48 hours to the CQWPX contest. Nor even 24 hours. What I did do though was go up The Cloud G/SP-015 before and after the football (Macclesfield v FC United of Manchester) on Saturday, and before and after a family Easter Sunday dinner outing the following day.

So I actually did four distinct ascents and set ups for my “two” activations of The Cloud G/SP-015 on Easter weekend! Normally I would go up Gun G/SP-013 for the second local activation on the same day, but had to return to The Cloud because I wanted to submit a token entry for CQWPX - and the rules require everything to take place within a single 500m diameter circle.

I used G5D - the SCC of the Tall Trees Contest Group, of which I am a member - and made some nice contacts (all 10m SSB).

Saturday 30th March 2024: 70 QSOs

Sunday 31st March 2024: 45 QSOs

So the QSO rate was painfully slow, but when I read about the experiences of Peter @MW0PJE and Andy @MM0FMF who also dabbled, it looks like I did OK, especially with the usual 5 watts QRP from the Yaesu FT-817, into a homemade quarterwave with groundplane.

4L Georgia: 1
4X Israel: 2
5B4 Cyprus: 4
BY China: 1
CE Chile: 1
CT3 Madeira: 1
CX Uruguay: 1
D4 Cape Verde Islands: 1
EA8 Canary Islands: 5
EX Kyrgyzstan: 2
G England: 11
GW Wales: 1
JA Japan: 5
KH6 Hawaii: 1
KP4 Puerto Rico: 2
LU Argentina: 6
PJ2 Curacao: 1
PJ4 Bonaire: 1
PJ5 St Eustatius: 1
PY Brazil: 19
RA Russia (European): 13
SV Greece: 1
TA Turkey: 2
UA9 Russia (Asiatic): 1
UN Kazakhstan: 1
UR Ukraine: 1
V2 Antigua & Barbuda: 1
V4 St Kitts & Nevis: 1
VE Canada: 5
W USA: 20
ZC4 British Military Bases, Cyprus: 1
ZF Cayman Islands: 1