It's time for.... the 2024 10m Challenge. (Part 1)

Back in 2013/2014 we were coming to the top of Cycle 24 and we decided to have a challenge. The aim was to encourage activity on the 12m band. I chose 12m for a few reasons, it has almost identical propagation to 10, there’s no contests, it was a very underused band in SOTA, I could fit a 12m 1/4GP on my fibreglass pole. The last was important, I didn’t need to spend any extra money :wink: Huge fun was had by people who took part, much DX was worked. My most memorable QSOs were random chases by VK stations to the UK at lunchtime rather than greyline.

So now Cycle 25 it starting to show it means business and we enjoyed just how much fun can be had on the higher bands in the recent NA<>EU S2S activity day when the Sun produces SFI figures around 150 and we get people organised to be on the air at the same time.

It’s the right time to run another challenge. We’ve done 12m and we didn’t pick it again because we try to be inclusive on SOTA and I didn’t check 12m allocations worldwide last time. Not every licence class gets access to 12m, in some countries only the top licence types get access. But on 10m the situation is very different with most licence types giving some or complete access, more people can take part than on 12m.

The aim of the challenge is to get everyone using 10m a lot. Since 2013 we have added 95 new associations with many in South America, Asia and the Caribbean. So now there should always be DX for someone workable :slight_smile: (Don’t forget, EU is DX for some!)

Scoring will be done automatically by the database software. You just need to enter your activations and chases as normal, the software will note 10m QSOs and score them according to the rules below. Normal SOTA rules apply so if you do a multi-band activation, just enter it as normal and your normal SOTA results get updated and qualifying 10m QSOs get scored completely separately.

There will be a special 10m Challenge results page. But note, lots of you said you don’t want SOTA contests and we listened. There will not be an overall winner or association winners. The challenge results pages will be sorted alphabetically by callsign and you will be able to see how well you are doing . If you want you can compare your results with others to see if your equipment is as good or if you get a better score per activation etc. A certificate will be available showing your name, call, association and score.

The challenge runs from 0000Z January 1st 2024 to 2359Z December 31st 2024

Scoring for chasers:
For every unique summit you chase on 10m you get a multiplier.
For every unique activator you chase you get 1 chaser challenge point.
Your final score is chaser challenge points * multipliers.

Scoring for activators:
For every unique summit you activate on 10m you get a multiplier.
For every unique chaser you work you get 1 activator challenge point.
Your final score is activator challenge points * multipliers."

You have about 5 weeks till the challenge starts to work on your equipment.



That be cool :slight_smile:
Funny enough spreaded me Sota up to 10m now of late and picked up couple nice DXCCs through it as well.

Karl 2e0feh



This is great - thanks for this initiative! I’m looking forward to more DX SOTA contacts on 10 in 2024 (including that MM0FMF guy)!

Randy, ND0C


The NA<>EU S2S activity day was already much fun. Now it looks like we will have more 10m fun in 2024 with this challenge raising awareness and activity on 10m! A Great Idea!

@MM0FMF What about a separate S2S evaluation where only S2S QSO’s are counted? Would be just one more column in your database derived calculations…


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That’s a great idea! I’ve been having so much fun on the bottom end of 10 metres lately that I am going to add an antenna just for that purpose. I was thinking of a delta loop, but I might try a sloping dipole.

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This challenge is a tweak to the 10m&6m challenge we ran some years ago. We have 99% of the software we need for this already, just tweaks to dates and descriptions in the software and we’re ready. That was a reason to keep this challenge the same, very little overhead for Andrew. We can add something for S2S QSOs later on if programming time is available. As long as the QSOs are logged then we can always add things later. So maybe is the answer.


I looked at a sloper but it has two disadvantages. Firstly it becomes directional and secondly it is more sensitive to higher angle signals. Both of these can be advantages for some purposes, but for DX purposes I am thinking of trying a vertical dipole using my spare fishing pole.


Here’s the info on the one I made for activator use. Andrew @VK1DA thinks my wires are a little long and he’s probably right. But mine covers 28.0 to 28.6 with an OK SWR. YMMV


I’ve made 6m and 10m versions to your design. I subsequently modified the 6m one with a removable link in the bottom wire using another of your ideas - bullet connectors. With the link removed it tunes to the SSB section of the band and when added it works in the CW/digital region.

I used the 10m one on the recent TA S2S event and was happy with the results. I haven’t added a link to it yet as I used my IC-7300 for the event and the internal ATU coped but I need to look at again and have a removable section, a Trans-Atlantic QSO on FM would be interesting. :slight_smile:


It was going to be my New Year’s resolution, 10m SOTA all year long. Count me in!
Now to the bench to work on a new antenna, I’m leaning towards a DK7ZB Wireman J-Pole, made one for 6m with excelent results.
See you on 10!


Back in September I was very surprised to hear 10m FM from the US but I think it was from a repeater in the US. My dipole was ok for receive but is cut for 28.400 so the swr was too high to transmit back and I didn’t know the access details for the repeater. Repeater qso’s wouldn’t be valid for sota but fun all the same if it worked.


No, but if you can get into the repeater you can ask folks to try and work you simplex, or on SSB.


People should not forget that there is a lot of spectrum available on 10m which means there is room for both AM and FM never mind the usual CW/SSB and FT4/8 etc. By all means, as Pete says, call in to the repeaters and ask to see if the repeater uses can work you simplex. Which reminds me there’s a 27/81 CB that was converted to 10m in the loft that transmits fine but has no receive… IIRC you can’t unsquelch it.

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Coaxial dipole antenna for 10m, aka vertical flowerpot antenna. This antenna has served me well and it offers omnidirectional radiation, ideal for an elevated operating position.

A single length of 50 ohm coax and importantly no mechanical joints or potential points of failure.

Good luck to those who participate in the 10m challenge.

Andrew VK1AD


One of those got me contacts from GW to LW at the weekend:


Some of us might be willing to carry and assemble a Moxon to a summit - here are some dimensions: Moxon Rectangles.
73, Etienne-K7ATN


Hi Andy, could you and the MT consider having “checkpoint” monthly results as well, so we can see how we are doing and which parts of the world do better in which months of the year.

I presume the main total will be the running total up through the 12 months but I think it would be useful to be able to look and see what the SOTA 10m activity was like in e.g. March compared to August.

73 Ed.

P.S. already working on an electronically direction-switched 2-element wire beam for 20 & 10m.


Great Idea Andy.
Will get a 10m flower pot under way.
Ian vk5cz …


I’m ready!