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It's here :-)

A very happy chappy

Thank you to the awards manager for me first Sota cert arrived in post. :heart_eyes:
And to all that made this possible :sunglasses:
Need to frame it now :slight_smile:



congratulations. well done

73, Hans PB2T

Congratulations Karl! Great job! :astonished:

iw2obx Roberto

Congratulations and thanks for the nice SOTA QSOs on 3 bands till now, Karl!
Good luck for the next 4,291 points! I´ll happily give my best to support you :sweat_smile:

Well Done!!

Now for the next 15K …


Well done and good luck with the next few thousand Karl. 73 Don.G0RQL.

Thanks folks.

And yep on that one Don :slight_smile:

How come that’s only your first certificate Karl? Looks like you could claim at least another twelve: 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 points.

Also, you can claim certificates for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 chaser uniques, although you are only another 34 from the 2500 certificate for that one too.

And you have Mountain Explorer (Gold) status, so there’s another one.

Maybe Karl’s shack is only so big… and pinboard is rather expensive. :slight_smile:

Well done Karl. I will work you… one day!

73, Gerald G4OIG

Very well done, Karl! You are evidently a Past Master of The Three P’s of SOTA chasing : Perseverance, Proficiency and Politeness.

And I think the certificate category should say “All SSB, 10 watts, Homebrew Antennas and One Hand Tied Behind Me Back” :grinning:


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Hi Karl
congrats on that rather impressive certificate.
Make sure the frame is home made too.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Oh answer question Time.

Money is key factor as what i have spare has gone into development of me station And next one is plat and am only one out of three areas in America or Australian to claim that one. And yes shack is small so when money allows like to apply for rest of them one day.

What i wanted had to be shortened as would not fit and between myself and the Cert manager, we sorted it out. And the three P’s, yes you are right it does help most of the time and goes to prove don’t need a big fancy station. Any one that can get on air with a licence can do it.

This be my first cert and they are cracking and eye catching, its been worth the wait and now have a new tool for when in garden or in shed making antennas etc got me 7" tab now and keep an eye on the Sota Watch pages while away from the shack and videos could be a foot next as I learn how to get the best from me Tab.

Thanks again all


LOL have you seen my wood work skill,s too busy chasing Sota’s. Plus you can buy them from pound land at a pound each.


Well done Karl !
Just returned home from my 3 day SOTA tour, I’m glad I could give you some more points … up to 20k now !
73 - Luc ON7DQ

Well done Karl!

A superb achievement with only 10 Watts of SSB :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice write-up of your experiences in this months SOTA News.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

Well done Karl. Now I have witnessed how you can switch on the ionosphere (on 40m the other week) I am beginning to understand your amazing success :wink:

73 John MW0XOT

Holy s*/$… I will not answer you anymore, you have enough points HI HI
73 de John, DK9JC / N1JJC