It's good to be back

My Reflector ban has been lifted today and it is my pleasure to be able to spot the activators once again.


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welcome back, Mike!

Heinz, OE5EEP

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Hi Mike Welcome back…

Barry 2E0PXW

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Welcome back Mike, we didnt miss you that much, just a little here and there … lol

“The devil went down to Connors Quay, he was looking for a soul to steal”

Good to see you on here again !!


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Hi Mike

Good to see you back on Sotawatch. Sorry you couldn’t hear my puny signal on 2m FM from Hallin Fell LD-043 last Wednesday, but I heard you loud and clear.

73 Phil

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“The devil went down to Connors Quay, he was looking for a soul to steal”

Lol, I just want to chase and activate in peace Lee. I have had my fill of arguing alone, I have had my say now, got a lot off my chest and now it’s behind me for good. I am now going to be a good boy, do my own thing and just get on with it. As SOTA’s top chaser, I feel I need to display higher standards, act with more responsibility and set a better example to anyone who might see me as a role model. I will only post positively in future on all forums, that’s if I have anything of value to offer, alternatively, I’ll only post in reply to anything specifically addressed to me. I didn’t take the decision to bow down lightly Lee, you have met me and know what I’m like as a person.

I just wish I could convince Mick 2E0HJD to come back to the fold also, he is a friend second to none and has so much to offer, but I’m afraid it’s never going to happen, but I will keep on trying to convince him to come back. Mick made the statement that 2E0HJD would never return to SOTA, fair enough, I’ll have to work on getting him to come back as M0PVA then.

Thanks to those of you who have welcomed me back, it’s good to know that some of you have missed me:)


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CQ town is me and you town
Activators on the hills need to be beware
Spotlites increasing spotlites
You hear the thunder of a building pile up, some polite ones may just line up
This town ain’t big enough for both of us
And it ain’t me who’s gonna leave

With apologies to Sparks

Welcome back Mike Connah’s Quay’s Number one spotter, but only when I am at work :0D

Steve GW7AAV

Glad to see you back in action, Mike !!

Hope to work you many times again


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I am very glad to see you again on SOTAwatch.

Welcome back, Mike!

73 Lutz DL3SBA

wb Mike, 73!


nice to see you, to see you nice.

and about time

73 Dave

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Thanks for the kind words from those who have welcomed me back since my earlier post offering my thanks. It is very much appreciated.


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Hi Mike,

Just seen your posts - I am DELIGHTED to see you back on SOTAwatch.


Hi Mike
welcome back.
73 David G6LKB

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Good news Mike,

Thanks for all QSOs

73 Alain F6ENO

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Thanks Fred, Dave and Alain. It’s very humbling to receive such a welcome back from so many Sota friends, It wasn’t expected if I am honest, but it is very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone for the kind words.

vy 73


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Hello Mike
happy to see you again in the reflector
a pleasure ton contact you again in SOTA activation
bests regards

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Mike nice to see you back on the reflector, was’nt the same place without you!

Ian 2E0EDX

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Thanks Lional, Ian and Dan, it’s good to be back. The QSOs are always a pleasure Lional.