Its Been A While

Hello Sota! Feels good to be back, I have been a stranger for the past 4 months. I have become a pilot, bought and airplane, and still am working on my pilot ratings. Excited to be playing with some radios again, looking forward to some new summits!


Rob, congrats on the 152. Great airplane. Stay VFR!

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I soloed in a 152Ii great airplane!

I am looking for one now to teach my daughter(s) in. My 16 y/o wants to be a pilot like dad!

My daughter has got to fly with me at my work and had a peek at the pilot life. I like everything about it except for being gone from home @50% of your life.

Jackson Hole Airport WY earlier this week!

I just did a quick turn so no time to activate the oh so close Grand Teton!!!

I started studying to renew my CFI(II/MEI) which I let lapse long ago in order to teach her and log the time.

Like most professional pilots I unfortunately want little to do with airplanes outside of work but having her interested has relit the aviation spark a bit.

Good luck on your aviation journey!




Thanks, I love it I really do. Not the biggest or the fastest but operating cost are low, great to hear from you! Looking forward to being back in the radio world.

Awesome! I have not flown over that way from Billings yet, I need to make it out there. Super awesome you are brining your daughter into aviation! Im building hours in the 152 and hopefully going to avoid being a CFI =]

I enjoyed being a CFI met lots of people who are still friends AND my wife who was one of my students!

I flew a Metro-Liner out of DEN @1999 my route was DEN-ASE-RIL-GJT then GJT-DEN in evening. I LOVED that job flying over the Rockies every day.

I occasionally would do a run up to BIL to train new captains after arriving in DEN. One night I remember landing with a 30-40kt crosswind (scary)!!!

Another run I did was Riverton WY the FBO closed at 9pm. I would arrive there to pick up UPS freight at 10pm the freight arrived at 3am. I slept in the back with a sleeping bag sometimes-35c outside. The plane was rocking in the wind! Those were great times.

When I get over that way I’ll let you know.



Hey Robert,

Congratulations to your C152!
32 years ago, I did my PPL in the US with that plane.
A friend of mine lent me his C152 just across the border in France, because it was much cheaper than in Switzerland. He flew with this old Cessna to Africa!
It was big fun, but when I look back, there were also some scary moments… but when you’re young(er) you simply take more risks.

Have fun and 73 Stephan

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All part of the fun =] Thanks for sharing, C152 is such a fun plane.

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CFIing was rad for building hours but you can get burned out doing it full time. Lots of stories, some good. Doctors were always the toughest students to handle. One instructor friend ran out of gas and totaled a 152 landing on a dirt road after his brain surgeon/student lied about checking the fuel level. 30 day suspension but his career survived it.

Like Erik, the flying at work keeps me occupied now. Fly GA only sporadically.

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I have great memories of some training flights in a 152, including some severe cross-wind circuits done at Canberra CBR on rwy 35 with an easterly breeze. It’s been a while…
Enjoy the 152.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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