It's 2017

Please hang on for a day or two for the final figures. There are a couple more 2016 activations to add yet.
Happy New Year.

To be truthful Pedro, the shocking pink version belonged to a female walker friend who I lost touch with. I think they were a limited edition. Sorry I do not know the maker.

73 Phil

I think its already risen !

Interesting - I was given one of these as a present many years ago. And conclude with you observations Andy.

And. A few years ago I was heading out to activate North Berwick Law GM/SS-280, so as I was passing Edinburgh I took the opportunity to drop a piece of equipment off at one of my clients. Opening the boot of my car the blue banana holder was lying alongside my rucksack. The facility manager - Anne (my client) was very impressed. Not sure she really understood what it was really for, but thereafter I’m sure she seemed to be more impressed with my technical skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TKS Phil. Hans answered and one pink banana guard is coming to my QTH…


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