It's 2017

Here’s to 2017 with hopefully plenty more activations :


Victor GI4ONL


Scary? Heck, no. Inspiring is more like it!



Victor, here’s the top 10 in 2016 for the UK based on # of activations not points.

And the worldwide view of the same.

It is obviously based on the number of opportunities to keel over while ascending, particularly with the age profile being so high. :wink:

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What it shows is how low scoring the UK associations are and how you have to be careful when comparing across associations. The figures across the whole of SOTA can be interesting as long as you make sure you compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges.

There’ll be all sorts of numbers in the news due out shortly.

If you take a banana, invest in a BananaGuard

No more mashed up bananas and somewhere to store the skin on the return.

I prefer a banana butty!

Yes - especially good with peanut butter in it… Give it a go.

73 Marc G0AZS

Its nice with mango chutney, too.

I’ve had a banana guard for years, it was worth every penny.

I still get funny looks and sniggers at work but who cares?

I got mine from Lakeland Banana Guard & Protector (Fits most Bananas) | Lakeland

I could simply mainline syrup Brian! Either inject into the vains or modify a Camelback into a IV drip!

The GI of bananas and nuts (even peanut butter) is low and so the sugar is released slowly and doesn’t cause spikes in the blood sugar. Mango is a relatively low GI fruit even when chutneyfied with sugar. So far so good. But bread is the killer for me. Just a few slices can push my sugars into the stratosphere. So I could take a mix of peanut butter, banana and mango chutney in a jar and eat it with a spoon which needs preparation and you need to carry the jar and spoon back. Or I could have a banana which comes wrapped for easy handling from the manufacturers. The banana guard stops the squishing and weighs less than a jar and spoon would do.

However, if I now eat chocolate bars. I get a big sugar kick though and they are not filling. However, chocolate! If you cannot eat chocolate day to day the thought of having a Mars Bar spurs you on. However, you need to do some serious ascents/distance to justify a whole bar in one go!

Due to its colour mine will always distract the security staff at the airport gate away from looking at my batteries more than your bland yellow one…


That’s the Barbie version Phil!

There’s no way that will fail to raise an eyebrow or two.

Does it vibrate?


My nephew’s girl friend reduced her prospective uncles-in-law to choking wrecks when she proudly announced on Christmas Day that her boyfriend had bought her a rabbit for Christmas. She genuinely did not understand why and I can only blame our loss of maturity on the Christmas spirit(s).

Hi Phil

Where did you bought it ?

I use airports a lot…

Vy 73 es HNY

Pedro, CT1DBS

73, Hans PB2T

TKS Hans!
73 es HNY

Have you looked for GI bread, Andy?

It contains lot’s of seeds, and is slow through the gut.

Made of a brown-ish flour, my local version is probably best described as “Dark Fawn” - try craft bakers, if you have any near you.

Unlike most brown breads, it actually tastes nice!

Does your nephew’s girl friends’ rabbits, have the long ears that trail on the floor?