Italy : Association Manager

It has taken a lot of time and effort to get a new Italian association in place. It’s not yet finished, there will be lots of minor yet important tweaks needed to produce an association that really reflects the status of the beautiful and amazing summits and scenary that Italy posses.

With the new Italian association published, the SOTA MT have decided to start fresh with a new Italian Association Manager. The SOTA MT have already been in touch with Carlo IW1ARE to notify him of the change and we want to thank Carlo IW1ARE for his work in the past.

The SOTA MT are looking for someone to take over the association manager role for Italy to work with the MT to finish off this significant and large association. We are sure there are many minor details (such as spelling/summit names) that will need refining. There may well be more summits to add if 3664 summits are not already enough!

If you think you can take on this job and work with the MT then please contact the MT using the contact form on the website at Summits on the Air


So many good wishes at Carlo IW1ARE for the future, and the next Italian MT for the present

Paolo IN3AQK


I hope that the new Italian MT will not be involved in an Italian “Sota Like” association with his own “Sota like” program, referencies and rules. This to avoid what happened in the past with sotaitalia with his dual summit referencies!!

So prior to accept another MT verify in which italian association is involved!! like for example:

  • Sotaitalia
  • Mountain QRP Club MQC

Just to avoid another 10 year of caos

73 de IN3AQK

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I hope someone looks for a union point in ham spirit more than a division one…
I have confidence in this

Several candidates have contacted the SOTA MT to apply for the position of Association Manager for Italy.

The MT have now a shortlist of candidates. Each of them has been contacted individually and invited to provide details about the actions he would intend to take to address the various challenges of the role.

A decision will be taken soon after the candidates have responded.

One of the responsibilities of new Association Manager will be to create a team of competent Region Managers who have a good knowledge of the local summits and are willing to contribute actively to the improvement of the summits data.

If you feel you should be part of this team, do not hesitate to say so as soon as possible in order to facilitate the initial work of the new AM.

Christophe ON6ZQ


I request the Sota MT to public in this thread the names of the current candidates as Sota Italian MT.
In my opinion it would be a touch of democracy.
Otherwise it seems something of secret!

Only a list of names, nothing more! it’s possible?

The candidates willing to make their application public can do so here.

The MT will not publish the candidates names without their prior approval.

All candidates but one have already provided their detailed proposal. The MT will take a decision soon after the last one comes in.

You should not expect democracy in SOTA!:grinning:

SOTA is an award scheme with participants, not a club with members. The Management Team run SOTA in accordance with the General Rules that were devised by the founders, who no longer participate in the day to day management of SOTA. This does not mean that the Management Team do not pay attention to the opinions and suggestions of the participants, any useful suggestions will be acted upon as long as they do not involve fundamental changes to the General Rules.

Setting up a new Association usually depends on a ham contacting the MT and asking why their country is not listed among the SOTA Associations. Our reply is that it is because nobody has stepped up and offered to form an Association, but if they would like to set up an Association themselves and become the AM then the MT can give a lot of assistance. In the case of Italy the MT had to step in and replace a very partial summit list (that had only ever been intended as a very temporary list during the task of assembling a full summit list) without the help of the original Association team. We are now in the unusual position of having a working Association and nobody to run it and make the improvements that need local knowledge. This is why we have taken the unusual step of asking for candidates for the post of AM, when usually if an AM steps down the post is taken over by one of his Region Managers.

Probably the word democracy would be better modified in “transparency”.
Acting in this manner anyone able to write a text in English can be the Italian MT, it’s more similar a a lottery!
Yes I understand the privacy problem as stated by ON6ZQ.
Anyway no problem, we will know the name soon!

Not so, while a reasonable command of English would be helpful, we are quite capable of using cut and paste to Google Translate. In fact I have recently been reading Italian forums by that method, it is a good way of finding out how SOTA is being received there!:grinning:

I hope that reading the Italian forum about the Sota question has been instructive, I hope you have also take note of the callsigns.

73 Paolo IN3AQK

Very instructive, though it has to be said that some of the complaints were quite familiar since we got them from other countries, too. Some of the guys who think that SOTA was designed only to deal with the gentle hills of the English countryside have obviously never visited the Isle of Skye!:wink:

One comment made me grin - “God had his reasons when he put the British on an island!”


I know Isle of Skye I’ve done an hike there 10 years ago, and I agree with you, they are not gentle hills.
Take in account that I live inside the Dolomiti mountains

Some of the guys who think that SOTA was designed only to deal with the gentle hills of the English countryside have obviously never visited the Isle of Skye!:wink:

I envy you!

Hello every-body,
i’m glad to read about the news that involve the Italian Association. I really appreciated the richer new summits list. Hope to read very soon some news about our new national manager.
Thank you all, keep working like this…!
Carlos IK2YRA

The SOTA MT is pleased to report that Daniel @IU2IGX has accepted to take on the role of SOTA Association Manager for Italy.

Daniel is now looking for Region Managers who have a good knowledge of their region to help improve the summits data.

If you feel you can help, please get in touch with him.


Best wishes at the new Sota Association Manager.

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