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Italian summits. Where to activate from?

Many of the Italian summits have incorrect locations. I know this is being looked at - massive job for folk and I’m not complaining at all.

In the meantime should I activate the ‘wrong’ peak ie where the location is marked, or the right peak by name, often some distance away? I’ve looked at a few and it seems the ‘right’ peak usually matches by height but the location usually marks another, sometimes lower subsidiary peak.

Maybe it’s up to me??

Activation on the right name and height of the peak should be OK,


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Hello Gerald!

You are quite right, the gps-data of italian summits should be checked carefully before leaving out to activate one.
In recent july I firstactivated summits in I/BS and I/PU. These two were correct.
I found one far away from the mainland midst the sea. :slight_smile:
Andy, MM0FMF told me, that an update of italian summits is in progress.
I myself am interested in sardinian summits. As I know, the new summit-list of Sardinia will contain about 300(!) new ones.

73, Franz

In I/LO it’s all right! I think that also in other regions there aren’t errors…
The only problem is that a few summits are referenced. The rules used were more restrected than p150.
iw2obx Roberto

I speak with no authority on this matter, but I view this as the same scenario as an incorrectly listed summit in an otherwise OK association. Say summit XX/YY-123 is found to have 145m prominence; it gets invalidated at some point in the future, and everyone gets a chance to activate it before it’s gone, knowing that it’s still wrong. Points are counted right up to the point the Valid To date is passed.

So, I’d probably go to the old, incorrect location. The new, correct locations will get a new summit reference anyway, so they are “different” summits, (at least to a Database Administrator :smiley: ) .

So much of this program falls under the category of “Spirit of SOTA”. When you tick the I Agree box on the activation submission, it’ll be up to you to some degree anyway. Did I activate this in a way that I feel comfortable about? Would other activators feel comfortable with my approach? Could I defend this in a pub in Friedrichshafen with 6 pints under my belt and rapidly decohering speech?

Mostly, the incorrect location on some Italian summits, i.e. I/AA and others is not a
real peak but just marked by chance. So it’s the wellknown, common name of the summit and not, maybe the dubious location to go for valid activation.


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If you can find and locate the actual summit on a map I would go for the real summit even if the coordinates pointed at some other location. In my opinion it’s the summit that counts and not the coordinates…

73, Sylvia OE5YYN


100% agree with Sylvia,


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