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Italian new refrence

Hi Friend
Yesterday I actived on the reference I/VA-321 whit the call IX1/I1ABT but my upload
of the log is not accepted by the system.
Also I read that in the the cluster is put doubts on the validity of the activation.
The problem appears on all the latest references of Valle d 'Aosta in the database.
I apologize to everyone, but not up to me, not at all the screens pinned
that included references to the last moment to go from I/VA-301 to I/VA-326 and therefore
I/VA- must be the top 321. The call used was IX1/I1ABT
I hope the problem will be solved and when to give up on new activations
references included. 73 de i1abt

In reply to I1ABT:

I/VA-321 Cima Les Ors is valid from today, August 1st 2011, onwards.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Thanks for the reply.
I find it strange as early as 15 days ago on the main page of the site was the reference
census. Sorry about the problem but I was sure it was valid as he had also already
Italy notified the manager Sota.
Patience, I will return to the top and I apologize again to reactivate it with the om, which I have linked