It wasn't me!

I think, a cheater worked with my callsign, after i left the summit.
Please don’t send qsls to me from any cw qsos.


Sat 12:18 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-005 7.032 cw
Feri qrv from EM-005 ! (Posted by HA5TI)
Sat 12:05 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-004 7.032 cw
Clearly gave 004 on this QRG, Mike (Posted by ON3WAB)
Sat 11:59 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-004 7.032 cw
I read 004 on this one but wrkd him ssb on 005 (Posted by GW0DSP)
Sat 11:48 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-004 7.0320 cw
(Posted by F6FTB)
Sat 11:03 HG4GGV on HA/EM-005 14.280 ssb
5/9 here + strong QRM on 14.282 (Posted by 2E0NHM)
Sat 10:59 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-005 14.280
*Now (Posted by HG4GGV)
Sat 10:37 HG4GGV/P on HA/EM-005 145.525 fm
Feri qrv on 14.285 ±QRM abt. 10:45 (Posted by HA5TI)

Thank you for the help to HA5TI…

Sorry to hear about the pirate Feri. What a sad lives they live having to do such a thing to get attention.

I must admit I was a bit surprised not to hear you on 20m at all and then a massive signal on 40 half an hour later.

Still my SWLlog has been altered. There’s always next time.

73, and don’t let it discourage you to activate

Peter ON3WAB/ONL5923

In reply to HG4GGV:
Hi Feri
Many thanks for the 20m QSO - good sigs here.
And very sorry about the 40m pirate operation - was quite surprised to work
EM-004 with such good sigs (!).
CU from the next HA SOTA.
73 de Cris

In reply to HG4GGV:

Hi Feri, thank you for the 20-ssb QSO, you were a FB signal.
Sorry to hear of your call being pirated.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP