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It’s not SOTA, and certainly not as we know it.

Date: 31 March 2020

Time: 0900 UTC / 10am BST

QRG: SOTA room on Peanut

Summit: TP5093 New Farm (not SOTA)

OK, let’s go with Guru @EA2IF’s idea. Think I’ve got the tech all working to use Peanut while out /P.

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No RF available?

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Worked well. Tom qualified a non-SOTA summit using non-SOTA comms and as Tom said, “it doesn’t tick any SOTA boxes at all and therefore ticks all the boxes required under these odd conditions.” :wink:

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Hi Tom
Was good this morning and after you had to leave there were quite a few others joined in…it was good.
Anyways you asked that we might put our preferences on here as to when we should all get together in the room, as for me anytime is suitable as I have no pressing engagements anymore due to the lockdown.
Anyways stay safe.
73 Allen

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It’s hard for me to say a time of the day for a regular meeting on peanut.
Regular pre-scheduled events usually don’t work well for me and I rather prefer dealing with whatever life brings me at any time. I had the chance to be on peanut for a while this morning and I really enjoyed it with a great QSO involving people down under, as well as in Europe.
I’ll probably walk for about 25 minutes this afternoon at about 17h45z going to the hospital for the blood analysis prior to my chemo tomorrow, so I’ll try to give a CQ call on peanut while I’m walking to the hospital and later when I’m coming back home.
If there’s someone QRV for a chat, that will be fine.
Later in the evening, I may also be QRV from home at some times, but it’s never sure and hard for me to say at which times.


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I usually work until 1500 UTC, then I switch from “home office” mode to “me” mode and can log into peanut.
73 Jens, HB9EKO

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Good to talk to people, even if I only had a short opportunity between conference calls. I have another batch of calls tomorrow night around 1130 UTC so I might be on before then

Well the get-together in the SOTA room on Peanut this morning was a huge success. I reversed the direction of my circular route so that I would be on New Farm TP5093 (“Great Weston Fell”) at 10am local time (0900z).

I then spent a full 90 minutes there, such was the support and attendance in the SOTA room, and the quality of the SOTA-themed conversation - plus the warmth of the worldwide friendships.

I’ll try to give a complete run-down of everyone that joined in. Apologies if I miss anyone out. This is in fact inevitable as I understand more stations joined in when I finally recommenced by walk at 11.30am local.

G3CWI (via RF only)

Please help me out with other calls that joined in. I know I have forgotten some (and possibly misremembered some). Let me know and I will edit them into the list. And let’s decide when we will do this again!

Thanks again to everyone that participated. I feel that the sense of community was warmly appreciated by everyone involved.


So sorry that I missed it Tom, I was out shopping and had to do some chores.
Hope to be there next time that you’re out.
Still glad to see that we have so many Pea’nutjobs’ around … hi.

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay longer but was just able to fit it in a free slot I had whilst the code was booting on a regression machine.

Will Sotawatch3 accept a Peanut alert?


There’s probably a way of doing it, probably somewhat deceitfully!

However, I’m sure some SOTAwatch users would find using the Alerts and Spots for Peanut nets rather distasteful, and I’m sure we could all do without the inevitable bickering on the Reflector that would ensue! So let’s continue as we are - promoting any scheduled big nets of SOTA fans just on the Reflector. It worked very well doing it that way this mornng.

Yes, that was what I was thinking and why I asked before I did anything.
I’ve got Peanut on my phone, just need to find a time when others are on to see if I got it working. I’ll wait till the next net and keep an eye on this topic.

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Compton, @vk2hrx
I have installed Peanut on my logging tablet (Lenovo/android) and it appears to be ready to use.
Give me a sms text or just see if Peanut works, I’m in Canberra today. (But at home, my other home location).
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

And your installation is working FB Andrew. Thanks for the nice chat along with Allen 2E0AGB and Ignacio EA2BD.