Issues upload logs through the sota data site

Is anyone else getting errors while trying to upload logs through the sota data site ?
I’ve tried uploading a few times over the last 3 days, I keep getting an errror has occured message from the site.

I loaded a file a couple of hours ago with no issues.

Take it you’ve tried the usual “help” desk approach of re-logging in etc? :wink:



Take a screenshot or copy the error message and post it here. Otherwise noone can find the reason.
Looks fine so systems should be fine.

73 Joe

Any chance you could say what the error message says? Or shall we just try and guess? :slight_smile:

I run into problems also and SO FAR, the problems have been between MY ears.
A missing comma, a period instead of a comma, an “O” instead of a zero, unbalanced quote
marks… have been the problem. “Log Converter” from the “Cabrillo Doctor” suite of software
is a quick way to sort our problems.

Contest LogChecker Downloads (I have no affiliation with Cabrillo Doctor, just a user)

Good Luck

Just a reminder: if you need support on issues like this then use the ‘Contact SOTA’ form.

Include as much information as possible so we can help you quickly and efficiently.


-Josh WU7H