Issue with SotaMaps pulling in summit data?

It looks like SOTAMAPS is currently not able to load the summit list once you choose an Association/Region.

I tried a couple of different Associations, and picking Regions with only a few summits just in case it was a latency issue. No Dice.
@N0MAP was also having issues too.

I’m not having that issue, but when I click on some summits I get a fatal error. Other summits work fine.

Here is an example of a summit that is giving an error:

yah it seems to be hit or miss. Rex/KE6Mt was fine, but I received a txt from K6CPR also having issues. so something is off. I am using chrome in both cases I tried, not sure of the others

This is fixed. There was a summit name that wasn’t handled well

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yup all good :slight_smile: Thanks!!!