Issue with Database ?

Hello from F6HBI,

I am having a problem looking for SQ9MDN activations.

On the Database, Activators Roll of Honnor, Association SP, i get 196 call listed, but no SQ9MDN.
then as i am curious… i switched to ALL ASSOCIATION, and the SQ9MDN appears with 198 activations since 02/10/2011.

Any body can explain that?
73 from Gerald F6HBI

He has set his home association to “XXX - no association”.

Many Thanks Andy for your answer.
There are some others guys who did the same.

May be a mistake when first register?

73’s from Gerald F6HBI

Hi Gerald,
the “XXX - no association” is meant for those joining the SOTA family who live in an area where there is no SOTA association set up at the time. They may be chasers from home or activators who travel into an existing association to activate.

I did this when I started in SOTA in Australia, living in VK2 which at the time was not an association. My first activations were in Europe and VK1 - during this time my profile was set to "XXX - no association”. Once the VK2 association was set up I updated my profile to be in VK2. In a similar way when I moved to Germany, I changed my association to DL. In fact I could also now validly use “XXX - no association” as where my home QTH is, it is not in a DL or DM region but I am closest to DL.

73 Ed.

Hello ED,
Thanks for explanations.
I understand now, it’s clear.
SQ9MDN as probably chosen the XXX asso, because
of the many countries he activates summits.
73 from Gerald F6HBI