Issue uploading GPX file gnerated from Garmin Connect

I am trying to upload a GPX file that was generated from the Garmin Connect site. The track is recorded with my Fenix 5x Plus and then synced to Garmin. Has anyone else ever tried to use a Garmin Connect GPX file?

File can be viewed here.

I think the file is too large. There appears to be a 1MB upload limit, based on console messages

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You could use gpsbabel (command line and gui for Win/Linux/MacOS) to reduce nr of points

GPSBabel official download

choose gpx file as input. and define a new gpx as output.
in the filter menu use the simplify/reduce nr of points feature. 400 should be okay

Your file is then about 125 KB

73 Joe

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I reduced your track to get 1 point every 9 meters, that make your track 63ko instead of 1Mo.
I have a lot of track uploaded with these parameters (1 point each 9 meters) and it is enought.
may be you can change few parameters in your garmin to make your track lighter.

Gerald F6HBI


I also have a Garmin fenix watch. For longer track recordings i need to reduze the size too. - You could use the free to use “Garmin BaseCamp” app, which, depending on its use, can directly sync from your garmin device. But i also download the .gpx file from Garmin Connect and import it to Basecamp. Shorter walks can be uploaded directly to sotamaps.
Just double-click on the track recording and select “Filter…”. After that, i usually clean up the track recording a little further (removing jumps when going through a tunnel or something like that…)


Thanks all!

It would be helpful to get an error message from SMP instead of just a blank screen, though! :slight_smile: