Isle of Man visit

Visited the Isle of Man with the intention of doing 4 hills while over there for a recovery training day with a hint of rescue training.

2 x LiFe 4200 batteries
2m roll up antenna
HF linked dipole for 20 and 40m
5 meter telescopic mast
A bunch of tent pegs and guy ropes

Starting with
GD/GD-005 - Mull Hill
I was going to park in the pay and display car park, but having had a look on google maps, I chose to park in small layby at the base of a track that goes up pretty close to the summit.

At the top of the track from the layby

This route was around 0.15 miles.
Setup and spotted myself. CQ on 2m got me three contacts and then after a CQing a while longer I moved to 40m and bagged another 7

GD/GD-004 Bradda Hill
Parked at the Fishwick beach parking area and left Mrs Vaz to read her book and watch the world go by while I walked up to the top. Stopping part way to sample the wild blackberries.

Got sorted once at the top and again 3 contacts on 2m and spent some more time calling CQ and no joy. Moving to 40m gave me 9 contacts.

At the top

Not a bad view from the top

Fishwick park up

Time to move on and drop Mrs Vaz at Port Erin to catch the train back to Douglas.

Onwards to GD/GD-003 South Barrule
Parking in the rough track at the base of the hill, I took a quick break to have a nibble and drink before the walk up the hill.

At the top of the hill once setup for 2m and HF, I spotted at cracked on.

This gave me 4 contacts on 2m including one S2S with GW8NZN/P on GW/NW-051
Moving to 20m I then ended up with a pile up and worked 37. This was constant with little break between contacts.
I had to pause to swap the battery over as the battery had dipped to 9v.
After the 41st contact someone very close then decided to give me full S9+ of dead carrier.

At this time I was done, and wanted to try and make the last hill of the day.

At the top of the hill

I packed up and made my way to the last hill GD/GD-002, Slieau Freoaghane but by the time I got there (after overshooting the turn off by a good 30mins and then turning around) time was not on my side and I would have been walking down in the mist.

Calling it good and happy with the contacts made I decided to make a move back to the hotel and relax for a bit.

Cheers to all the chasers for the contacts.



Thanks for a great report and photos, which brought back memories of my own recent trip to the IoM. It’s very easy to miss the turn-off to GD/GD-002 (assuming you’re talking footpaths not roads!). It’s not signposted, and I only found it because I was keeping a close eye on my OS Maps app!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and 73,
Matthew M0JSB

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Hi, No probs. Glad you enjoyed them

I missed the turning (on the road), I approached from the TT course and wound my way (by car) up the hill.
I passed the car park on the right, over the cattle grid and the sharp left behind the house. It was at this point, I remembered I was on part of the Manx Internation rally circuit.

Badly drawn directions

I came in from Kirk Michael end, and then ended up down the Druidale Road marked with the long red line. The P is the parking area just a very short walk from the footpath to the summit

Then this morning I drove past the opposite way and spotted the footpath I needed to take, but today, time would not allow an activation due to needing to be at the ferry for 13:00 :frowning:

We are home now and both ready for work tomorrow… :frowning:

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Ah, wasn’t sure if you meant the road or the footpath. The footpath for the final approach to the summit is also easy to miss :laughing: At least on the route that I took.

Anyway, it’s a good excuse for you to revisit the island so you can tick-off that last summit!


Nice report and photos @M0VAZ John - sorry we missed the S2S.

73, Ben

Cheers Ben, I was hoping for a S2S as well but the timings didn’t line up.

Darn, sorry we missed you. Hope the trip was productive!


I put all the starting points into my sat nav before heading out for the day, at least it gives you some warning that you’re almost there or if you’ve passed the start point.

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I had marked them on the OS maps I use, and then nav to the area and switch maps for the finer details/waypoints but this slipped my mind once I released I was on part of the closed road rally stage and ended up driving more of it than planned!

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Three of the four hills done that I planned for.
I was surprised that I had no local people reply to CQs on 2m

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Yeah, it’s pretty quiet here on 2m / 70cm simplex unfortunately, the only activity is on the repeaters and some club nets at prearranged times.