Is this linford christie

Is this man Linford Christie, doing,

posted as early as 11:00am
M3IWN/P on G/LD-005
145-fm only as moving on to Scafell Pike so time is ltd (Posted by M3IWN)

Then at 13:00
M3IWN/P on G/LD-001
Time approx doing Great Gable first. (Posted by M3IWN)
I know when I last did LD-001 it took me 2 1/2 hours from Wasdale carpark, And as for coming down LD-05 only done it once and it took me an hour and half to get down, Any way have a good activation in the lakes, I will be picking up my new caravan later and moving up to Harrogate for the weekend, sorry no radio again just walking around places.

Steve m0sgb

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Is this man Linford Christie, doing,

Hi Steve,
Have a look on database, time and date activations, and you will find many Lindford Christie, or Speedy Gonzales…

Not very funny for SOTA future !

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

It looks a possible but gruelling route on the map. Jimmy and I were giving it due consideration when we were staying at, and walking from Honister YH last year. However, when we got to the foot of Gable, we realised it was much more sensible to pair it with Kirk Fell instead.


It highly depends on your degree of organisation, fitness and maps.

Today, the time signs to LI4 indicated 1h30min. I did it in 1h although took my time to watch the “countryside” and I just had a 12h acoustomization period at 1600m. The next sign showed 30min to another place, 15min was the time I needed.


Have a look on database, time and date activations, and you will find many
Lindford Christie, or Speedy Gonzales…

Can you provide more detailed information or is this a kind of blackmailing?

73 Norby

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Have a look on database, time and date activations, and you will
find many
Lindford Christie, or Speedy Gonzales…

Can you provide more detailed information or is this a kind of

Yes Norby, I can prove that some activations could not be done in the announced timing, unless using a flying machine, or error on summit reference.
But it’s not very important now for me, I’m no more involved in that kind of SOTA.

73 Alain

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Gentlemen, keep it cordial, the expression “blackmail” is not cordial.

To return to the subject:

I would think of an overnight camp or bivvy by Sty Head Tarn (not legal but often done) and that takes a good bit (over 400 m from memory) off the ascent, then Sty Head - Gable - Sty Head - Scafell Pikes becomes a lot easier. Of course, Fell-runners can put up the most remarkable times (look at the record for the Welsh 3,000s!) but they won’t be carrying radio gear!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to F6ENO:

Ok, then let’s go into details.

I guess I know what you are referring to. A good friend of mine told me that you started a similar thread in the French forum and since it’s a public forum, I think I have the right to reply in public.

Since English speaking readers probably don’t know what’s going on in the French forum let me tell you. F6ENO states in his entry post to “Devoir de vacances” that someone (no call given) activated a summit A (no reference given) and the last QSO was at 0751z (reference given). Then that someone (no reference given) moved to summit B (no reference given) and the first QSO is logged at 0854z (reference given). F6ENO raises the question how this could be possible since the distance to cover is 75km. Including the time to take down the station and setting it up again, this cannot be done in an hour. His pupils (= his french fellows) should provide some explanations.

So they did, some were doing some interesting statements, like the kind of the OM must have been drunk, or he must be superman, or he must have used a helicopter. Interesting point, *nobody" asked about the references to verify himself about the distance to cover and that’s were the weak point comes into it. Everybody of his group believes what he wrote and the outcome is: That OM did not play the SOTA game the right way = he wasn’t at the references where he claimed to be.

So far, nice :slight_smile: Accidently, the times mentionned by F6ENO correspond exactly to the times I have in my log.
Reference A = F/NO-004 and reference B = F/VO-049, activities that took place July 19, 2008, the OM, F6ENO is referring to, that’s most likely me.

F6ENO states that he checked on and That’s all ok. I checked myself and did not manage to get 75km in return, they were much more returning something like 50km. I did the same with, same similar result.
Then I checked Mapsource, the application provided by Garmin to do whatever you want to do with digital maps, the program I’m using a lot. Mapsource’s calculation results in: 53.4km 46min from NO-004 to VO-49. In fact, I needed about 40min. Yes, I was driving a bit faster but I have yet to see a French guy who sticks to the rules.
If you don’t believe me, have a look at the highway from/to LX in the morning/evening, they don’t stick to the rules at all. Furthermore, my built-in (into the car) navigation system shows a similar result.

Anyway, I don’t like if people are saying bad things about me without using the right facts (thanks Brian G8ADD, my native languages are DL and LX, I didn’t know you feel offended using that bad word, I hope you accept my appologies) and I don’t like people who try to direct other people into a certain point of view/meaning by omitting facts on purpose.

I’m now waiting for a decent explanation from F6ENO how he justifies his accuses. I can easily provide you with the track plan for that 46min drive. If you still stick to your 75km thing, than some coordinates must be wrong.

BTW, I did not have the feeling to see P100 between NO-001 and NO-002 but I might be wrong.

And yes, I did something very impossible today, according to F0FGB. He states that it’s quite impossible to activate 2 references above 1300m in one day. Or, maybe, I’m not in HB0 at all, who knows? HB0/LI-004 and HB0/LI-010 are clearly above 1300m, and yes, I have been faster than the time signs on the way announce. It took me 1h instead of 1h30min to get to LI-004. I must be a “SUPER SOTAman”, as F0FNC stated…

73 Norby

You were a super signal here on your first HB0 summit today Norby, although with some deep QSB occasionally. I called you several times to try to chase my first HB0 summit, but failed to get though. Never mind though, it is in the SWL SOTA log instead! You weren’t so strong on the second summit, and the QSB was more, but I still enjoyed listening to you. Couldn’t get through for the chaser QSO on that one either - so that’s in the SWL log too!

They are like buses, these HB0 SWL SOTA logs. You wait seven years for one, then two come along at once…!

Hope you had an enjoyable trip.


In reply to LX1NO:

I am very surprised abt you post.

As you said, I wrote a little humorous game (I thought) on the french reflector, named “Devoir de vacance”.
As many people know now, I don’t like these multi, multi, multi activations a day; you play this kind of SOTA game, but you are not alone and I could find somme others log examples for my game.

As you noticed, I did’nt gave any call, or summit reference, and I can assert than only one friend (F5NEP) knew it was your log.

I had again a look on my 1:25000 maps, on Via Michelin and Mappy; the fastest road to go from NO-004 to VO-049 is 64km and a bit more than 1h. Of course, it is possible to find a shortest way (may be 53km as you said) but via so small roads that it will take more time with respect of french speed limitations.
But you say you drived faster so I must admit that it is possible to do the way in abt 40min.

Norby, I think that my school mathematical exercice was not a good example and I apologize for that.

I don’t want to declare war with you, and with nobody of course, and again I apologize for this misunderstanding.

But please Norby, don’t drive so fast for 1 pointer summit. Your life (and other’s) is precious.
This is also valid for moutaineers, because mountains may be our best and worst friend.

73 Alain F6ENO

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well what happened to LD-001 looks like Linford Christie couldn’t run up here aswell,

Fri 12:10
M3IWN/P on G/LD-005
145.475 fm
Not doing LD-001 (Posted by M3TMX)

I thought it would have been to much to do,

On other things with sota friends, im in Ripon this weekend and would you guess who I bumped into only Carolyn (g6wrw) and her friend forgot her callsign, I met them last weekend and never know they where into sota, nice to meet you girls, if you read this soon see you at the hog-roast,
Steve m0sgb