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Is this a new rig?

I took my words back =)
Have to post this here:


Thanks for your clever design and work.

I learned decades ago that if you have such a device and want to profit from it you need to do your own manufacturing and selling. When a copy appears you produce V2 and so on. Don’t waste time on patents. In VK we had trouble with US firms making without licence, then some EU countries. China has only started this lately.

Commerce 101 teaches that the selling price is not related to the manufacturing cost other than it must exceed it by as large a margin as you can sustain. It’s a market price.

Sure your kit of parts might cost $50 but it takes a few man hours of specialist labour to assemble. Then there are all the costs associated with selling, advertising and freighting. Add another $100. Now a retail price of $200 looks modest. The cost of parts for any electronic device is always the least expensive component.

Thanks to you and your colleagues and I look forward to the next iteration.



You are Steve Jobs AICMFP!


Nope. Thomas J Watson Jr might have won a cigar.

Manuel DL2MAN has done some measuring. Not so great.

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