Is there a way to be alerted to alerts?

Does anyone know of an app or any other method to be alerted to alerts?

I am interested in knowing ahead of time of plans for some local summits to plan for possible microwave contacts…

Tom, N2YTF

I’m working on one kind of a solution to this right now, which should shortly be included in the new, not-yet-live sotamaps alerts page.


Tom, you need to get the SOTA microwavers to be active in the various microwave groups as well as posting alerts. From experience, microwavers are delighted to work SOTA contacts on microwaves but they don’t tend to be keen in following all the non-microwave noise. on SOTA groups.

Now I just have to find the right microwave groups online.

Everything I have found that is active is in the EU…

Does anyone know of an active US/northeast microwave message board/meeting place?

Actually though the “alerts for alerts” was really a selfish request as I don’t have a microwave setup at the home QTH but I can get out with a portable setup very quickly to a good spot if I know ahead of time that someone is bringing up microwave gear. But I do need more heads up then the spot itself.

Start with the San Bernadino Microwave Society ( I know wrong coast ) and go from there in an old school surf-fest of websites and chat groups.

There’s the microwave mailing list. Not sure how many spots though.

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