Is there a problem on the SOTAMaps site? (FIXED NOW)

When accessing it this morning, I first of all got a message “OUCH!”
and then this one:
Then when trying to use it there are no associations listed in the pulldown

73 Ed.

Same message here Ed at 0502z
@VK3ARR may be around to help?

Something is chewing up memory. I’ve restarted the database that it uses.

Thanks Andrew. No error message upon loading now but when I hit the dropbox for the Association list, it doesn’t expand/populate on the Main Mapping page. Just a “Please Choose” message. If I go to Tracks page it works as expected.
Geoff ZL3GA

It’s working for me, so it may just be a cached query from your browser. It should eventually decide it needs to reload it.

Thanks Andrew,
Working here fine now. (including drop boxes)
73 Ed.