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Is nothing sacred?

Quite shocked to hear of the sale of Fuller’s brewing business including the Griffin Brewery to a Japanese company. Will Golden Pride (Favourite celebratory ale for SOTA milestones - there’s the tenuous connection!) ever be the same again :-s

Look on the bright side - this may facilitate introducing the Japanese to decent beer!

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As the Japanese make excellent whiskey I’m sure that any worries are unfounded.

They may well make excellent whiskey, but they do not make whisky!

As for Fuller’s ales, Golden Pride at 8.5% ABV is so strong as to be sickly. I much prefer Fuller’s ESB at a respectable 5.5% ABV in cask or 5.9% ABV in bottle. I was first introduced to ESB on draught at the Nashville Room, next door to West Kensington Underground station, in 1977/78. It made me a convert to real ale! (The Nashville Room has been renamed to “The Famous Three Kings” nowadays.)


Walt (G3NYY)

Stone IPA…now that’s a beer worth drinking…


But here is the beer Paul HB9DST had after today’s activation on the Swiss Italian border…


Ah yes. It comes from Escondido - one of my skateboarding haunts in my mis-spent youth long ago!

Walt (G3NYY)

Perhaps we should be thankful that the Japanese are preserving our heritage?

Some damn fine whiskies come from Japan. And beers too.

Forgive my cynicism but when one business pays a vast amount of money for another business the motive is very rarely it’s preservation :-s

You mean that this Japanese company has no intention of continuing to make Fullers ales to the same quality despite paying a vast sum of money for it? I’d have assumed that was exactly their intention - otherwise they’d have bought something else?

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Japanese companies produce many fine things, my concern is not that a Japanese company per se is involved but that Fuller’s is being gobbled up by a large international business who will be more interested in making a profit out of the deal than good beer…

When Fuller’s were doing the same by buying smaller breweries and cider makers I didn’t see you complaining that Fuller’s would be more interested in making a profit than making good beer and cider. :wink:

Better than Siamese vodka?

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The only certain intent is that Fullers’ new owners intend to make money out of the deal, one way or another. I sincerely hope they can do this without compromising on the range and quality of beers produced.

Preserve Heritage? No, heck no. Their intent is to ensure we drink inferior beer. but for that, they could have bought anhauser-busch

Legend has it that Austin Nichols made a batch of his bourbon for turkey shoots and shared it with his friends on the autumn hunts an thus began Wild Turkey.
Perhaps we need to add home distilling to our hobby and create the Summit Special Reserve and the Sloth Superior for our events!!!
Age of all batches depends on how soon Saturday comes!!!

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Darn it! I can only give one like!

À chacun son goût Walt! I like the big mouthful of flavour you get with most of the stronger ales and find many of the so-called “session” beers thin and watery.

I had the benefit of being brought up in the shadow of the Bathams brewery and never had to be “converted” to real ale, having never succumbed to the keg revolution in the first place :slight_smile: