Is it time for a MICRO SOTA event?

Just saw the announcement of the Palm Pico Single PPS with a weight of just 8.3 grams.

Palm Pico Single PPS

Looks like that the SOTA MINI equipment can be reduced even more in the future :slight_smile:
At least if you are using CW.

73 Stephan, DM1LE

Hmmm… not for me this new one.
The first paddle key I home built back in 1985 was like this one, with a single lever, but I soon jumped into a two levers key and learnt the iambic mode with dash & dot memory. Just fantastic and I’ve never got back to single lever keys, not even felt the minimum interest about it. Even double lever key without dash & dot memory is a complete struggle for me in these days.
Thanks God the FT-817 keyer has it.
The mini paddle I currently have weights 50 grams -according to the advertising- which is a lot more than the 8.3 grams of this new single lever one, but I’m sure I’ll be able to coop with such extra weight :wink:



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