Is It me?

Don’t know if its my computer or my broadband connection, but I am finding that SOTAwatch is getting really really slow at times. You ‘click’ on one of the links and nothing happens for ages,refreshing is very slow, and the ‘reflector’ side of things loads in ‘fit and starts’. Anybody else experiencing the same or ‘Is it me ??’

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It seems a bit faster after its rest this morning - it was like treacle yesterday. Still slower than it used to be though.

Roger G4OWG

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Hi,guys yep same problems hr,so thats interesting is it not ? Geoff.

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It’s slower for me today. I’m of the opinion that as sometimes access flies and sometimes it grinds, it’s more likely to be a hosting issue. If we have a shared server then it may well be that another server user is hosing the server and our performance suffers as a result.

However, I write embedded software and design IC models and don’t have a clue about this web and database stuff so I may be talking complete drivel.


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Yes, SOTAwatch is slow sometimes. I am currently looking into possibilities of moving it too a faster server (it’s currently running on a virtual machine with limited resources) and also trying to streamline some of the code/database.

We now have nearly 1000 registered users on SOTAwatch2 with many refreshing their pages once a minute. This resulted in over 1.5million page requests during September all putting load on the database. On busy times, it does sometimes have trouble keeping up! I think that sometimes, when the page refreshes of large number of users gets, by chance, synchronised so that the server gets hit by page refreshes very rapidly in succession/simultaniously it can get hit very hard and this has sometime actually pulled the server down requiring a reboot.

I expect to able to move to another server in the next few weeks. I’ll also take the opportunity to re-factor some of the code as well.

73, Jon

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Thanks for the info Jon,

Mike G4BLH

Hi all,

In a slightly different vein, but while on the question of computers, I have noticed that since mid September, when all the ‘My Chases’ going back I believe to April were updated and appeared in the Regional Summit Summaries, there are no further updates . On clicking the individual summits however, it does say when you chased them . Is anyone else noticing the same, or “Is it me”!

73 Dave

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Hi Dave

This has been mentioned several times and it is because the database is updated manually at the moment as and when time allows, We’ll have to be patient and it will catch up eventualy.

73 Mike GW0DSP

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Many thanks for info Mike, - I thought it might be me, I’m not that wonderful with computers. As an example, I looked at the Regional Summit Summaries the other day and wondered why my all previous chases had disappeared. Then I remembered - I hadn’t logged on, - ah well…!!

73 Dave.

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My pleasure.

I know the feeling to well Dave!!! , I’m a bit of a Doooooh with these darn fangled machines, hi.

73 Mike

I’ve just manually updated the “My Activations” and the “My Chases”, so all should be up-to-date again.


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Thank you Tom.

73 Mike

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Many thanks Tom