Is anyone using the Bioenno Power Batteries?

Hi there, just wondering if anyone is using the Bioenno batteries? I’m looking at this one specifically 12V, 15Ah LFP Battery (ABS, BLF-1215AS) – Bioenno Power

I plan on using it for portable and SOTA work with my IC-7200. Also, I would be interested in what equipment other people are using for their portable 100W rigs as well, Thanks!

I’m using something similar, maybe just a different label. It is used to power my Icom 910H when I take it on SOTA activations. I get about 30 minutes use use with it. The IC910H is VERY power hungry on both Rx and Tx. But is is usually enough to get the 23cm contacts done when I want to run 10W.

It uses yet another charger…


I use the 3ah one for my 817 and 9ah for my 857.

I use their batteries and recommend them. Excellent quality and excellent customer service.

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Hi Brad,
Yes, the Bioenno batteries are very popular in North America for SOTA - with the charger they are an excellent value. And through the end of the year everything is 15% off with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY2017.

I use the BLF-1206A 6-Ah with my FT-857D. At 100 watts, it will usually last around 3 hours; I have not had it die at 50 watts (my usual power level) yet, with an average of up to 3 hours of use at a time. I am very satisfied with the battery and the customer service of Bioenno.

I’ve used a BLF-1206 with KX3 and also an FT-100 at various power levels on summits.
Also used a BLF-1215 with a TS-480SAT @ 100W for almost 7 hours with mix of CW and SSB during a past NA/EU S2S day.

Also chased from home with KX3 + BLF-1206 for 2 days (daytime ops) and still had reserve charge. Or 23+ hours just Rx.
I prefer batteries with a BMG like these have. BLF also includes an integral balance charge circuit.

I’m just a customer but happy with their products and service.

I’m using a Bioenno battery and have been impressed so far.

Stan - N8HN

I use a BLF-1212A (12 amp hour) battery and can use my FT-857 all day at 50% power output with no problems. And it came with separate powerpole and charging connectors. It is alot lighter and smaller than my previous 9 amp hour lead acid battery. I’m sold on Bioenno products.

I have the same radio and battery as W6SAE (857, 6 Ah.) At 50 watts, I feel like I could do two activations comfortably (40 minutes or so radio time each,) possibly a third, but have never checked. For my hiking, 6Ah seemed like the best tradeoff between power and weight. I’m pleased with the battery.

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Thanks for the info on the promo code. I ordered a 4.5ah LiFe from them a few days ago. Didn’t know about the promo at the time but called them this morning and they refunded the 15% even though the order has shipped! Hope all is well with you.
73 and Merry Christmas,
Mike - ke5akl

I have been using the 6 ah Bienno battery for about a year now with a 5-watt Youkit rig. 23 activations with nothing but perfect performance from the battery. It easily handles 2 activations without recharge. It is a little oversized for the 5-watt rig, but I purchased it expecting that i may upgrade to one of the 10-watt Elecraft rigs.

73, Don AC7P

I bought the BLF-1209T in 2015 or somewhere thereabouts. I could use it on 6 or more activations without dropping the voltage at all. Although I am not very active in SOTA at the moment, I still use the battery on my work bench for other stuff and it is going strong. I highly recommend their products.

I use the Bioenno 9Ah battery to power my KXPA100 on most of my activations. It provides just about 2 hours of operating time at full power and pileup use. It’s comparatively light but it does weigh enough to be noticed in the pack. Takes about 4 - 6 hours to recharge so I normally plug it in as soon as I get home so it will be ready for the next time.
BTW the 9Ah is close to the max that is allowed on airlines, as far as I know. They use a system of “Watt-hours” (multiply volts x Ah rating), the max is either 100Wh or 150Wh depending on some criteria that I have not yet figured out. But I’ve been allowed to bring my 9Ah battery (which is 108Wh) onboard on numerous occasions.

Keith KR7RK

it’s too powerful and heavy… but that’s only my philosophy.

Thank you for the heads up on the promo code!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to respond. You all provided precisely the type of information I was looking for to help me make this decision and I appreciate it very much. Happy holidays to you all!

I’ve been using the "blue"version - BLF-1215A since May to power an FT-991 at 100w. I don’'t carry this setup unless two of us are going. The radio is 10lbs and the battery is a little over 4 lbs (1.95 kg). Added to a packtenna dipole and various pieces/parts, it’s a bit much for a long climb for one person. On one activation, we got 105 contacts and operated almost straight for 2-1/2 hours. I didn’t measure anything, but we were still putting out 100w at the end. If I use it for long periods, it seems to take around 4 hours to charge. I also have a 6ah Bioenno for my KX2, but I pretty much just use the Elecraft batteries now. I’ve been quite pleased with the Bioenno batteries.

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