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Irritating things


What it is Gerald, and you and I will both recognise this, is the amazing data-rich facilities we’ve long enjoyed from the SOTA Database, and how they allow us all to contrive and work towards our own personal targets. There are so many examples of participants striving to achieve things that are nothing to do with any of the awards or honour rolls because of this!


Yes, I wholly agree. SOTA is what each individual participant makes it. As Paul and I often say, “whatever floats your boat”. That’s why my Mountain Goat certificate reads “All Unique Summits 144/432 MHz” and my trophy just states “Unique Summits”. Oh by the way, did you notice my B call record is also 100%? :grinning:


I think I was aware of that, yes. That concerns me greatly. If you want to go anywhere for a third time, you’ll have to either:

(a) cancel your plans and not go - unthinkable.
(b) not activate (nothing wrong with a nice walk, but could be frustrating).
© acquire/borrow a special event or club callsign - but no, because you would need to create a new database account, and to do so for such a call is not permitted in the GR.
(d) surrender your 100% Unique statistic.

For me, it would be a no-brainer - (d). But my perspective is different as I have three summits on my doorstep and a bunch more within an hour’s drive. You don’t - and so the prospect that you can only go anywhere once - or at the most twice, is, I guess, far more digestible than it would be for me.



But I did notice I worked Rod M(M)0JLA yesterday on SS-191 which I have activated and chased before but not when he was on SS-232 which I have activated and never chased. Grrr!


Ha, tell me about it! My Completes seem to have stalled. :frowning_face:


And it’s my fault. After Morrone, I was going to nip up Hill of Persie on the way home for a unique as I had to drive past it. I’ve kept it as a reserve in case I end up that way and the hill I want is closed for stalking etc. However, I decided to go straight home to work on the 70cms moon bounce amp but ended up sat in the sun with a cold beer that Mrs. FMF had tried to sneak into the fridge. So my own procrastination reaped the reward of missing completing Pibble SS-232 and working on the amp :frowning:


That seems to sum it up nicely!





Nah, it’s a nice hill if a bit wet by the car parking areas.

May 5th 2012… continuous snow fall but it melted as soon as hit the ground. That was when working Texas on 15m with 5W was simple stuff.


Obviously you didn’t drive through a flood to get there! :grinning: