Ireland trip

Hi all,
End of July, begin August we will do a trip around EI and GI.
No caravan, Own car and B&B.
Nightboat From Rotterdam to Hull , than East to west UK to Holyhead and then the nightboat to EI. Driving clockwise in EI/GI around the coast.
Any tips for a quick activation in G and GW during our
pass to Holyhead.?
Guess this holiday iwill be a lot of siteseeing, but SOTA as well!
Hope to work you!
73 de Hans PA3FYG

G/TW-004 BIshop Wilton Wold is on your way from Hull to York Hans (Summit is known locally as Garrowby Hill). This is about 20 miles from Hull Docks, so you could do an early morning activation if you had time. . The A166 runs across the summit but several side roads (mainly on the south side) will take you into the countryside where you can set up your antenna. Set up by the A166 and your will experience high traffic noise.

The activation zone is about 12 miles in circumference!

73 de Phil G4OBK
Area Manager G/TW

Once at Holyhead obviously there is Holyhead Mountain GW/NW-069. I always walk in from the west, where there is an RSPB car park with a nice cafe. Also a short distance further up the lane is their visitors’ centre where you can investigate the birds, and further beyond this is South Stack lighthouse. The walk to the summit takes about 30 minutes. There is a trig point, but you may find it too busy to use this as your antenna support. You should anyway be able to qualify this one using just 2m-fm if you like.

If you want a nice flavour of GW/NW you will avoid the A55 coast road. However, if you do choose to go that way another fast and easy activation is Mynydd y Cwm - GW/NW-076. It’s a wooded summit so not too easy for HF antennas, but 2m-fm will reach enough chasers.


Veel plezier. Ierland is een mooi land.

73, Tonnie de PA9CW

It is certainly tight and awkward for HF, but when we did it about a month ago I managed to squeeze in my 80m linked dipole between the trees.

Not a particularly inspiring summit though, and certainly not representative of the region. It’s a short walk but navigation isn’t entirely trivial (we found the best path up on the way down), and there’s not a lot to see at the top. We did it to tick off the unique but I don’t think we’ll be rushing to do it again.

Martyn M1MAJ

I enjoyed Mynydd Bodafon GWNW-071 on Anglesey - very short walk so nice quick one on way to Boat. I’d be happy to help with any GI summits you hope to do and will hopefully work you on as many bands as possible!

Hi Hans

If you want an easy double with short walks GW/NW-044 Moel Famau and GW/NW-051 Foel Fenlli from the same car park near the town of Mold and there is another easy drive on at GW/NW-070 Great Orme near the town of Llandudno. Another easy one on Anglesey is GW/NW-071 Mynydd Bodafon. Of course GW/NW-069 Holyhead Mountain (just a hill really!) is a possibility although does involve a steep walk but with great views of the port and Ireland on a good day! Anyway good luck and have a good trip.

Hi Guys,
Thank all for the advice so far. I will look it up.
For real planning I have to wait untill the schedule of my trip is sent.
Boats and B&B’s are organized.
Sorry I rush thru G and GW, hope to vissit it in the future.
We will see how a non caravan holiday will satisfy us. Driving on the other site in a country with pounds, gallons and strange AC connectors is scarry enough without a caravan hi hi.
I was radioactive in G around 1988 from Gloustercher as G7/PE1GTE/p. Licence 10 pounds! It was worth the money. Worked 7 countries with HB9CV and 10 W.
Keep sending ur tips, please, also for Ireland.
73 de Hans