Ireland Tour 2014

Last februari we where in Ierland. I did some Sota. Activated three summits.
EI/IS-065 (Slievereagh) two times
EI/IS-105 (Knockfeerina)
We also tried to activate the Temple Hill, EI/IS-013. That’s a ten pointer. The first try we came out on the wrong side. We were on the wrong mountain… We had to go back and there was no time for a new try. So back home.
A few days later we did another try. We talked some local people how to get to the top. But after all there was no path. We walked through mud and we had heavy shoes with lots of mud. So we climbed a very wet and muddy ground. After three hours walking we where almost at the top. We could see the top in snow. But suddenly there came a very dark and big cloud and also a very heavy storm. So we decided to NOT go to the top. It was to dangerous. The wind was so heavy that you could not hold the mast. It would blow out off your hands.
So we went down, and after 5 hours we arrived by the car. A nice day with a lot of sunshine but no SOTA.

Maybe end of the year, when we will be again in Ireland.

Here is a video, with some CW audio.

73, Tonnie PA9CW.


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a good place to find information about hills in ireland is “”.

There is a lot of information on this website.


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And I hope to catch you that time, Tonnie!
Well, you can take the good (3 successes) or the bad (1 fail)
I thought I’d worked you at least once, but later I didn’t appear on the log. So, I’ll keep on sitting on the rig chair till you go back again.


73 de Mikel

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I worked you from EI/IS-065 (Slievereagh) on 10MHz CW.
Date:09/Feb/2014 time : 14:56 UTC
Your in the log.
Next time we will try Temple Hill and maybe Galtymore Mountain. Both ten-pointers. So stay on your chair in the shack :slight_smile:

Good luck, Tonnie PA9CW

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Thanks Dave for this site. Looks great.
I will study it before we go back to Ireland.

Tnx for QSO today from G/TW-005.

Good luck, Tonnie PA9CW

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Hello Tonnie,

I would recommend OSI map #74 or its electronic equivalent. It has the required level of detail for this type of activation. There is access to Galtymore IS-004 from the south: a narrow road off the R639, parking for 4 cars at the top, then 2-3 hours on foot … You are in luck as there IS a path up Galtymore with breath-taking views en route. You could also approach from the north starting at Clydagh Bridge, taking in Cush IS-038 en route.

The best of luck with your next EI SOTA activation!

Phil ON4TA

Last April 2015 we where back in Ireland again. I did 7 summits in one week. It was beautiful weather. No rain and a lot of sunshine. Last year two attempts for the Temple Hill, but we did not reached the top :-(. This year with some local friends we went up the Temple Hill. It was a long walk, but we made. the 10 pointer. Later that week I did the Galtymore Mountain, also a ten pointer. Great view, but very windy and very, very, very cold on the top. So I did not made a lot of QSO’s.

Have a look SOTA Tour Ireland 2015 - YouTube