iPhone app for sota?

Anyone thinking of developing a SOTA App for the iPhone? Locate your nearest hill using built in gps technology similar to the geocaching App? I am thinking of buying an iPhone and trying to justify the cost! a SOTA App would swing it! Dave G8XDD

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Thats a great Idea. Better yet…all these new smartphones have the capability of being a “Modem Bridge” to the internet…Might be real easy to patch into APRS! Now wouldn’t that be neato.

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Might be real easy to patch into APRS! Now wouldn’t that be neato.

This appears to have been done for the iPhone; check out the iBCNU app. I haven’t tried it myself.

Though one of the snags with a (non-jailbroken) iPhone is that apps can’t run in the background, so you have to leave that one thing running if you want to update your position continuously.

A SOTA app would be good, and I’ve been thinking about it since getting an iPhone a few weeks ago. But much as I might enjoy writing one, I’d need to do two things first: (a) retire and (b) buy a Mac.

To make a go of it, we would also need a decent network API into the SOTA database; decoding web pages just isn’t going to cut it.

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i have a collection with the apps i use when on SOTA here:


I know it seems greeks to you but :slight_smile: you can take an idea for the photos and apps names.

Yes its very easy to see your nearbye summits. The native google map app can accept a KMZ file with the summits. So you can use the maps with 3G to see the summits relative to your position.

If you jaibrake it you can use some allready free available map apps (with offline maps).

Day by day we see more ham oriented apps online so i am sure soon we will see a SOTA dedicated app as well.

Best Regards
Panos, SV1COX

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I know it seems greeks to you but :slight_smile: you can take an idea for the
photos and apps names.

Google Translate does a reasonable job on it. Thanks!

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and now i-PSK31 for portable PSK for only 1.59Euro.


tommorow i hope to find the time and try it.

Panos, SV1COX

This is interesting. Jimmy M3EYP has just got an iPhone for his birthday. (The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the lack of * against his callsign for self-spots at the weekend, and the fact he posted to the reflector while having his lunch on the way up to Arenig Fawr GW/NW-011!).

But what does this app do? I don’t really understand, although perhaps Jimmy will explain it to me when/if he gets to grips with it.

Can someone explain to me in simple terms what SOTA apps on the iPhone could/should do?


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But what does this app do?



A new free enviroment for Iphone and Android phones (with GPS and compass) offer some new exciting oportunities for implementation on SOTA.

look on www.layar.com

and as an example on: http://sota.gr/group/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?forumId=4&comments_parentId=843

have fun
73, Panos, SV1COX

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I really like that ! I will have to setup an account and do a layer for the W2 Association. Thanks for posting that, it’s a great use of a smart phone !


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Hey, nice useful app, works fine on my HTC Desire, which runs Android OS v.2.2… The program is basic but gives the info! However, I think that as Android smartphones usage has now overtaken iPhone ones, we’ll perhaps see more sophisticated Android SOTA apps.


I think the sort of thing you would like a SOTA app to do can be achieved with HTML5, so no need to make an iPhone specific app. HTML5 provides for things like offline applications, offline databases and geolocation. An web app made this way would work on iPhone, Android and any other modern web browser. It would also be easier to write I expect. If anyone is considering writing something, please consider this approach.

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Mario, App Inventor is fun, I used that to write my Android SOTA Spot SMS app.

I installed it, but I presume your database does not include North America, as the two nearest summits to me are: GM/SI-223 & GM/SS-284 lol. I’d love to do both of those, but I don’t think I’ll make it back for tea :wink:


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Yes, you are correct :long -74.3132. lat 43.0734.

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Yes, this app works on SAMSUNG Galaxy S I9000 / Android also great!
I have 683 summits around of 100km :wink:
73, Chris OE5HCE

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Makes sense why they were showing up then. I was not waiting for a GPS lock before pressing the button. So my CoOrds would also be 0,0.
An IF,THEN,ELSE loop would protect the app from idiots like me and not allow the button to be pressed until it has GPS lock. :slight_smile:

Andrew, K1YMI