iPhone App for SMS Spots?

I am switching from an Android phone to an iPhone. I already have an iPad and have purchased SOTA Goat and have posted a test spot via web. However I dont see an option to send a spot via SMS for those summits with marginal cell service. On Android, SOTA Logger and Rucksack Radio both allow spots to be sent either via web or sms. Is there a iPhone app that can be used to send sms spots?

You could always reuse Rucksack into C++ enviroment from Java using a wrapper, its been done with other apps for iOS.

Would be a fun little programming project, ofc with permission from DL1DLF its a fantastic tool and its free !


Yes. register for the US SMS spotting service and just send a plain SMS to that address using the native SMS messaging app on the iphone. I don’t have the details because we use the UK number in VK. It means dropping out of sotagoat to send the message, but then just resume in sotagoat after you post your SMS spot.
73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH