Invalidation of August activations SP/BI-019 & SP/BI-005

Regretfully I have invalidated the activations of:
SP/BI-019 dated 2016.08.29 (reason: activated without official permit from National Park)
SP/BI-005 dated 2016.08.27 (reason: found as activated from outside its Activation Zone)

I know it must be similarly disappointing to the chasers as it has been to me, but I was not aware that the rules became more precise, and I activated those 2 summits with unintentional non-compliance to General Rules v. 1.20. Once I reviewed those and verified noncompliance with our Manager SOTA SP, I deleted the 2 logs.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience to the Chasers.


Hi Konrad,no problem these things happen.Have deleted both from my chaser log.
Good luck and hopefully see you on your next activation.
Not forgetting congratulations on your Mountain Goat achievement,well done.
73 Don G0RQL.

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Hi Konrad
I have deleted my one contact that we had on SP/BI-005.
Always a pleasure to contact you.
73’s Ken

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Thanks for coming forwards and letting us know.
Have worked your portable station this year a good number of times and after looking through own log, those two sota’s i did not catch on air.

Look forwards to more on air by your good self.


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Thanks to all for understanding.