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invalid characters in callsign - SOTA Maps

When selecting the association and region in SMP I get

Where do I need to alter/check my callsign?

Click on your username, click on Update Account.

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Looks like

Your callsign does not consist of lowercase characters

I can’t do a lower case 0 (zero)

I think the system wants all UPPER case characters in the callsign.
Here’s my Single Sign-on (SSO) account which is working:

73 Ed.

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Maybe. But its always been that way. I will try all upper case.

Well that appeared to fix the issue… How odd. Cheers.

No worries. The main point is that it’s working now.
73 Ed.

Yup thats the main thing. :slight_smile:

Unbelievable that a so-called professional system - or should that read “system created by people claiming to be professionals” - cannot accept a callsign typed in lower case, and convert it to upper case before writing it to a database table, since the upper case version is REQUIRED by its’ own subsystems.

Just unbelievable … speaking as a non-IT-professional, that is…

I’ll think you’ll find everything else accepts mixed case callsigns apart from the maps site you wrote. I’m on my way to the pharmacy for my monthly drug drop and I can pick up some chill pills for you whilst I’m there if you want?


Your own guy says “Your callsign does not consist of lowercase characters”, referring to the SOTA own Update Account input fields. In other words, it’s up to the USER to explicitly write his/her callsign in UPPERcase so the SOTA own Update Account can write it to the DB as uppercase. Your own software does not perform the lower-case to upper-case transformation.

By all means, buy your chill pills and feed them to your own lazy, poorly-written software.

Guys, that will do. This exchange is edging into territory that breaks the AUP, so chill it or I lock the thread.

First off, I actually wrote a website, which is not something everybody here can say. Secondly, EVERY instance (there are only three these days) of user-input callsign in the SMP is automatically converted to UPPER case - why wouldn’t it be?

I find it disappointing that criticism of systems is so often taken as personal attacks. If there really are problems with a system, get and fix them.