Invalid activation of TF/SV-009 on Sept 4th 2016

Regretfully my September 4th 2016 activation of Hengill TF/SV-009 was not compliant with the SOTA coordinates. I apologize to the chasers and ask them to remove their SOTA claims based on this operation. The full story can be seen on .

73, Villi TF3DX/P

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Shame you had to do it twice, but two wonderful reports - such amazing scenery. I’ve wanted to visit Iceland for a long time.

I like the steam rising from the hot springs. Photos are good and the whole place looks fantastic. Too many associations and not enough vacation!

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Thanks for sharing your Activation report.
I spend all my time in the trees/forest, bush-whacking in W3 so it’s nice to see some mountains and trails…


Need to retire (as soon as you are old enough)… but then maybe not enough money!

WORK… it really gets in the way of LIFE…

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