Introducing EA2EWC, Pablo

Since quite a few weeks ago, a new amateur has started doing SOTA activation in EA2/NV.

His name is Pablo, EA2EWC, and he got his ham licence receintly.

Although very new to the hobby he is doing well. Equipped with a VHF handheld so far, he has activated succesfully several SOTA since March this year.

I chased him several times and we agreed on a joint activation today.

  • Activation date: April 24th 2021
  • Mt Dulanz EA2/NV-052

A last view from my window before leaving home showed a promising day:

After a 1h 15 min walk we arrived in the summit and installed a double loop array antenna for VHF and also my HF system so that he could hear EU chasers on shortwave. It was really windy and we had to hide behind a stone wall next the summit. The aerials were pushed hard but the poles did the deal.

To my surprise, Pablo just logged 2 stations, and couldn’t do anymore although he tried hard. These days restrictions on EA2 area are severe and movement in neighbor regions are very limited, thus having a lack of activators around us. A pity he couldn’t log any S2S as in his previous activation.

Concerning HF, I did a brief activation, running on 14 SSB and 7 CW. I had some issues with my paddle; sorry for some dificulties in my keying, while running. I used an external keyer along and seems it produced some missing characters…

Worried about the tiny log Pablo had, I tuned 7 MHz SSB and he started calling. I was astonished nobody replied him. Poor band conditions? Unfortunatelly we were running out of time, and the weather wasn’t that nice, so we called it a day and packed.

Thanks also to the S2S I logged today: SQ9BQW Wojciech, SP9MA jarek, EC2AG Antonio and F5LKW Roger.

All in all a nice walk in the countryside, with bright green spring colors.

73 de Ignacio


Ongi etorri, Pablo. Welcome!.

He has a good SOTA-teacher. I hope to bring us on the air soon. :grin:
Thanks, Ignacio. 73


Welcome Pablo! And, grateful to @EA2BD for expanding SOTA participation!

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Welcome, Pablo @EA2EWC, to the hobby and SOTA in particular.

You made a very nice choice activating Mt. Dulantz. I activated that summit for the forst time back in 2014 and I very much want to get back there again, as it was a very nice area and the activation was superb with over 100 QSOs in my log including DX with VK (Australia).

We are unfortunately experiencing tough propagation conditions lately, but hopefully this won’t last too long and we’ll be back having lots of contacts soon.

I’m sorry for not having chased you, but I had a very busy time while you were on air.

Thanks to Ignacio @EA2BD for joining you in this activation and helping SOTA to extend and deepen their roots into EA land.




Welcome/ongi etorri Pablo!

With Ignacio you will get the best knowledge for sota activity.

Regards from Asturias.

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Welcome Pablo in the SOTA fever.
You know when it start but never when it’s over.
That’s so good feelings