International SOTA weekend: GM Events

SOTA International Activity weekend is 2nd/3rd May so it would probably be a sound idea for any potential activators considering a GM activation to start discussing their plans. Alerts can be placed now if you know what you want to do. I’m sure there may be a few non-GM potential activators who might want to discuss possibilities. Or possibly just discuss which summits and bands would be good to put on.

We can discuss this on the reflector but it might be boring for anybody who isn’t involved. There again it might be a stunning and riveting read. If all the regions start their own discussions on the reflector then other items may get lost in the noise. I’m happy to run the discussion group via another server to stop cluttering this reflector if people think that would be a good idea.

Let me know what you think and we can take it from there. Just to make sure there’s no accusations of underhand skulduggery, if the discussion is held on a different server then I’m happy to add anyone and everyone who wants to comment or simply observe what’s discussed whether they intend to activate in GM or Timbuktu (that would be SOTA: sand on the air) or whatever.

(GM Association Manager)

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I have a potential eye on activating GM summit(s) if I can, assuming my passport is sill valid for crossing the border :slight_smile: I’ve got a load of potentials but guess I won’t really start to firm until a bit nearer the time. I keep looking at summits and think “oh, that would be good” and then get sidetracked by a different mountain.

I reckon it would be a good idea to hear what others are thinking of doing.

As for where any discussion is held I don’t really mind. I think that your point that if every region does the same on the reflector, the reflector will just get swamped is very true. So another location would probably be better but whatever folk like.

Iain, M3WJZ

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Unfortunately my boss doesn’t understand what a bank holiday weekend means,however i am still Planning to activate in GM-SS on one or both days depending on work commitments & wx reports nearer the time,which will determine exactly where & when.I have a few possible’s in mind which could be discussed on the forum here or elsewhere.

Would probably be better to have regional threads rather than national boards which would be a lot less clutter and be more relevant to those involved.Happy to go with the flow here regarding choice of discussion board,leave it up to you Andy!

Graeme 2M0GIL

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I’ve been thinking about your idea of another server, Andy, and I’ve concluded that it isn’t the best way: if there are seperate web sites for G, GW, GM etc then it is going to be harder for people to keep track of what is happening elsewhere. I would suggest we keep it on the reflector with topics according to Associations. The topics will slide down the list until new posts are made so the most active topics will always be near the top, and it will be easy for chasers to track the planning of the event.

Just my 2p!


Brian G8ADD