International shipping

Unfortunately the exit of the UK from the EU, and the current conflict in Eastern Europe, means that packages sent from the UK are being held by Customs (Douane) for totally unreasonable lengths of time. So far I have been informed of a number exceeding 4 weeks and two where delivery has taken 7 weeks. In addition I have examples of no delivery at all. (The UK is not exempt, I have had a few items lost in the UK but those I can claim for).

There is the option at checkout of using Tracked shipping (normal shipping is NOT tracked and I do not have a tracking number) but this is significantly more expensive than the regular shipping. I could make “Tracked” the only option but this penalises those who are willing to accept the delays.
The choice is yours!

When packages are not received SOTA does replace the missing shipment but this does, of course, cost money both for the merchandise and for the additional shipping. We will continue to do this but would ask you to consider the potential financial impact on SOTA.

Thank you for your continued support

73 Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


Please be warned - postal prices are increasing from the beginning of April and the changes in Europe are complex :rage:
edit: Orders placed after today (30 March) will be subject to the new postal rates so that I can despatch tomorrow morning orders already made.

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Thank you for all you do for SOTA!

It’s a worldwide mess! I just got back from the P.O. where I found I cannot send ANYTHING except letters to Canada. And last month an EMS (“Express AIR”) packet took 4 weeks to the USA instead of the promised 4 days.