Interference from AM Broadcast Radio Station

At 1545 UTC on 7.120, where Rod MW0JLA was activating GW/SW-003 Radio China(?) possibly Arabic - started transmitting!!

I realise above 7.2 is Broadcast band but this far down is certainly not authorised - I hope this isn’t the start of more interferance from such stations!.

(I also have an audio recording).

73 Ed.

ITYF it’s Radio Hargeisa.

If you send them a reception report, they will reply with a nice QSL card. :slight_smile:

China Radio International have not encroached into the amateur bands for more than 30 years.


The audio I heard sounded Chinese to me - whether that was RCI or a different Chinese or Asian based station or indeed from elsewhere - I would have preferred to post an audio snippet here, but this reflector doesn’t have file support.

From that website says, Radio Hargesia blatently transmit on 7120 despite ITU regulations then?
Radio Hargeisa
Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland
7120 kHz

I guess this must just have been “Good Radio Conditions” as I haven’t heard them before.

At 1545 UTC on 7.120, where Rod MW0JLA …

Thanks for mentioning this Ed. I was about to pack up anyway as my deadline for descent was getting close so I did not hang around to see if the music stopped or to QSY. I had no idea what its origins were.

Apologies to anyone who missed a chase - but I would have only managed a couple more. It was getting dark before we reached the car at 1720; 1700 would have been a more sensible time but that would have cut out 40m yet again.


Hi Ed,

Do the DL’s have an intruder watch you can report this station to? In VK we have had a high success rate in having intruders moved on, when someone makes out a report and submits it.


Hi Rod,
No worries, I may not have got through anyway although you were up to S3 at times with me - problem was the (aparently Somaliland) station was S8-S9, so once they appeared on frequency there would have been no chance. Mariusz SP9AMH was apparently hearing them as a strong signal as well.

By the fact that they advertise that they operate on 7.120 I suspect their country authorities (if there are in in that war-torn area) have allocated them that frequency. I had never heard them before, so I guess this might just have been freak conditions, however for the future, this could be a frequency (± 7KHz) to avoid, especailly when running QRP.

73 Ed.

In China’s quest for minerals, resources etc it has a lot of companies and people based in Africa. It does therefore seem plausible that an African station was transmitting in Mandarin to proselytize to Africa based Chinese people.


Hi paul, this station transmits in multiple languages, in this case I guess I mis-understood the text as being in Chinese when it was some form of arabic.

Radio China International is actually transmitted out of Iran to cover Europe. Several SW Broadcasters actually sell time to relay other stations content - so a program from, for example Japan could be heard in Europe, not while conditions are particularly good, rather as some other European/Middle East station is transnitting the program.

Channel292 - a 10KW AM Broadcast station on 6075KHz based in Ingolstadt and owned and run by a German Radio Amateur, often suffers interference from the Radio China relay out of Iran.

73 Ed.

Where did you get this information, Ed? I cannot find any reference to CRI ever having transmitted via a relay station in Iran.

CRI programmes for Europe are transmitted from a number of powerful stations in mainland China, and also via Cerrik, in Albania. So far as I can discover, the only other shortwave relays of CRI outside of China itself are in Bamako (Mali) and Habana (Cuba).

The 6075 kHz broadcast of China Radio International originates from Kashi-Saibagh, China with a power of 100 kW. 6075 kHz is also used by the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran at 0220-0320 UTC (only) for a broadcast in the Pashto language with a power of 500 kW.

The only broadcast station currently listed on 7120 kHz is Radio Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland. The Republic of Somaliland is a self-declared independent state without international recognition. As such, it is unlikely that it would pay any attention to the ITU regulations!

Walt (G3NYY)

Aha - I’ve obviously mixed the two points up then! Iran and China on the old DeutscheWelle 6075 frequency which was re-allocated to Channel292. Actually the Vatican are also allocated 6075 KHz but rarely transmit there it seems. I’m guessing there’s no international allocation of specific frequencies, the strongest wins - In Europe that used to be DeutscheWelle.

In fact, Vatican Radio is currently allocated 6070 and 6080 kHz.

There most certainly is a scheme for the allocation of shortwave broadcasting frequencies. It is operated by an organisation called the HFCC, which is a subsidiary of the ITU in Geneva. Twice a year, they produce an enormous and highly detailed schedule of worldwide frequency allocations. The most recent issue is “B16 Operational Schedule - Last updated on 06-Feb-2017”. You can download it as a zip file from the HFCC web site (Public Data Files section).

Channel 292’s own website actually says they are on 6070 kHz … not 6075 kHz. And the HFCC listings do, indeed, show a low powered German station (power up to 25 kW) at Rohrbach on 6070 kHz

Walt (G3NYY)

Looks like I should double check my posts before posting them - Channel292 is indeed 6070, not 6075. I should know as I used to produce a program about Amateur Radio on it! Rohrbach is the correct location, I referred to Ingostadt as it’s the closest large town.

I am interested to hear that there is indeed an international allocation of frequencies operated by HFCC. There was interference from a chinese language station while I had my program on the station (about 2 years ago), so if CRI is on 6075, either they have moved since or it was possibly some other station.

In any case from what was posted further up, it seems Radio Hargeisa is unlikely to be affected by what the HFCC and the ITU allocate.