Instructions for signing up for the New Reflector

If you have been a user of SOTAwatch prior to 22nd August, 2014 , then please use these following instructions to obtain your login for this new Reflector.

  1. Click the Login button at the top right
  2. Click the ‘I forgot my password’ link
  3. Enter your Callsign (your SOTAwatch username), but NOT your email address.
  4. Click the ‘Reset Password’ button
  5. Please wait at least ten minutes for an email to arrive to the email
    address you had registered with SOTAwatch. Please do not try this
    multiple times.
  6. If this email arrives, click on the link in the email and you should
    able to reset your password and proceed as a user of the new Reflector.

If the email doesn’t arrive, don’t worry, there are good reasons why
this won’t work for everyone. Instead, please email me at
and I will come back to you to assist as quickly as I can.

At this stage please do not attempt to create a new user. I.e. don’t use the Sign Up button.

If, however, you are completely new to SOTA and have not had a SOTAwatch account before 22nd August 2014, then please feel free to ‘Sign Up’ (using the Sign Up button at the top) using your callsign as your username.

73, Jon


Thank you look forward to the fun!

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