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InReach Spotting

Hey all,

I recently got a Delorme Inreach to use for “Backcountry Safety” (That is what I told my wife. I got it for SOTA spotting. LOL)

I am already set up to use the SMS gateway with my phone. Is there something else I need to do to use the InReach? And how do I spot with the InReach? Do I just send the same string that I sent on the phone? I have the Safety Plan with Garmin, so I dont want to just start blasting messages away to test it in trial and error mode as that will start costing quickly. I am going on a backpacking trip Friday, so I want to get this figured our as soon as possible.

Thanks for yall’s help!

There is a separate thread that details this process, part of which you must let Andy know. Try a search for Inreach.

Thanks. I have already read every thread that has “Inreach” and it is still not completely clear. I assume it is the same string as SMS, but it never says that clearly. Plus on March 30, Andy posted about being frustrated with changes Garmin had made to messaging formats. I had not heard if that had been resolved, if there was a change in the way spots needed to be sent from the InReach, or if there were settings that needed to be tweaked in the unit or in the Garmin account (something that has been an issue in the past).

I also emailed Andy a while ago to ask these questions and asking about getting setup and have not gotten a reply. That is NOT a complaint or criticism an any way. I have mad appreciation and respect for all he has done and continues doing for the community. I just have a trip coming up and hoped to get it figured out.


/me scratches head and looks in SMS filtered inbox, NIL, ordinary inbox, NIL, other email account inbox, NIL, junk folders, NIL.

NIL mail received, NIL replies sent.

Do you want to try again?

It helps me if SMS mails come to my less filtered email account… mm0fmf AT hotmail.com (fix that address, you know what to do) and I’ll add you in.

Just sent an email to the secretly encoded address above. :smiley: Thanks!

I just wanted to publicly close the loop here and say that Andy got me all squared away. He is a rock star! Thanks!

Flattery will get you everywhere with a sad, vain character like me. As will buying me strong drink, recreational narcotics and introducing me to attractive blonde women. :blush:

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I don’t have any strong drink, pot or know any ‘single’ attractive blondes but I’ve so far had no luck sending a correctly format spot SMS text via my inReach to the SMS SOTA gateway phone#. It works fine from my cell phone through normal phone network but not through inReach’s Iridium Sat! What do?

Thanks, Steve/wGOAT

You haven’t registered an inReach device just a phone. Any messages, either inReach or SMS, from any unregistered devices/senders are dropped. Mail me and I can set you up.

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Will do soon headed off to a 14er SOTA this AM …TU, wGOAT

Sent you email …tks, wGOAT

QSL! I’m just about to reply to it.