Input to SOTA News August 2015 - Contributors please read!

Hi everybody,

To all with contributions for the August 2015 edition of the SOTA news, please be aware that Roy G4SSH is having problems with his email & may not have received your contribution.

Roy would normally acknowledge receipt of all contributions with an email reply, this may,or may not have happened in your case due to these technical problems.

As a short term solution, all contributions that would normally be sent directly to Roy, should instead be sent directly to me via

If already sent, to be on the safe side, you can re-send your items directly to me at the email address above.

Thank you,

Contributions are invited for the August 2015 edition of SOTA News.
The deadline for submissions is next Thursday 30th July.
Thank you to all who have already submitted articles.

SOTA News Editor
-email via as above

North American input to:-
Elliott K6EL

VK Input to:-

Allen VK3HRA

South Africa input to:-
Dennis ZS4BS

Update at 22nd July 2015 - from Roy G4SSH

My computer has developed a problem which is refusing to allow me access to or any other address, so I cannot send or receive e-mails.

Talk-talk has been working on the problem for the past week but the combination of a Yorkshire accent and a Mumbai accent is proving difficult to overcome especially as the overseas technician does not appear to know the phonetic alphabet.

Until further notice, contributors to SOTA News should send their end of month input to Mark at the above e-mail address and he will forward to me via alternative means.
In addition, anyone who has sent an e-mail to g4ssh in the past 10 days and has not received an acknowledgement should also re-submit to Mark as it will not have been received by me.

My access to the Reflector and SOTA Watch is not affected

SOTA News Editor

Oh dear. Good luck. Hope they manage to fix whatever the problem is…

Hmm talk talk :scream:
That says it all.

Not heard good things about their services

Good old virgin rules :smiley: