Input to Sept SOTA News

Contributions are invited for the September 2014 edition of SOTA News.

The deadline for submissions is next Saturday the 30th August.

Thank you to all who have already submitted articles.

SOTA News Editor

North American input to:-

Fred K6DGW [aka “Skip” on the radio]
Canada/US SOTA Reporter Dude
Auburn CA or

VK Input to:-

Allen VK3HRA

South African input to:-

Dennis ZS4BS

Hi Roy

People can presumably now submit photos to go with their news items?

Roy, I think that should probably read “South Africa input to:-”? … :wink:


Not just yet Ric I am struggling to understand the new set-up at the moment.

Don’t worry about pictures yet Roy. There is a test category where you can play about creating topics and messages, editing them and playing with the features of the new software. It’s worth a few moments experimenting with what all the icons do. We can worry about pictures and making the news more visual when you’re happy with simple plain text.


Many thanks Rob. Now corrected. 73 Roy