INKys Thüringen tour

After a slow start yesterday, the bands are starting to pick up ever so slightly. First summit today was DM/TH-001. Great view from the viewpoint but not from the summit itself. This is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, so I kept incognito so the Bio Police didn’t spot me hi. Contacts hard to make, only 112 in all, 64 on 10m & 48 on 20m. Next stop was food and drink at DM/TH-002 the Schneekopf. Unfortunately no longer a valid summit, but a great view and good food & beer. After dinner it was over to the Dolmar DM/TH-081. This is a hill for the hang gliders but there were non about today. Again contacts hard to find with 64 made on 10m, funily enough this is the same amount as the previous one. Back in the room just now & discovered a fridge, mmmmmm that’ll be full of beer tomorrow. Big QSB today, I lost count of people I called in and gave a 5/9 report only to struggle with their next over. Message for Mick MDA I was trying to tell you my new favorite hop is mosaic.
For the record, INKy 2, ticks 0.
I caught one on my trousers, the other one was just about to bite into my shoulder, must’ve been on my rucksack strap. They make a really satisfying popping sound when crushed between 2 thumbnails :smile:
73s more summits in the coming days.


Mosaic is meant to be Citra on steroids, I bought some last week after hearing that. Not tried it yet.

It was good to catch you on both summits today in between brewing. There is a short video on M3FEH’s 10m today thread of you on DM/TH-081.

Have a good trip 73 Mick M0MDA

Good morning young man

So happy managed to reach you on 10m and the beer is flowing well.
German beer is good as it ain’t brewed eslewhere.
Have you tried the Lowenbrau blue label bottle NOT the draft not same.

Hard to find now a days.

Seems to me when your reported on 10m and you can,t be heard means to me hang around for a while and you will appear and you did twice. Twice I had a station 21 miles north of me working you yet could not hear you YET again 15 minutes later,s I am working your station.

Enjoy the tour as much as will enjoy chasing you.


I love Lowenbrau, but not the one you mean which is probably the Munich product. I like the beer from a smaller brewery of the same name in Buttenheim (birthplace of Levi Strauss), a small village just South of the beer Mecca of Bamberg in Frankonia. It is also home to the excellent St George brewery which has featured in Wetherspoon’s in the past. Currently parked up waiting for the rain to abate before walking up a hill.

Good one bright sun shine here LOL
Already tuned to 28470 awaiting your signals :sunglasses:


Will be over in 1 hour.

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Ahoi Pom,
today was a visit to Naumburg & Freyburg, so now I am the proud owner of 120 bottles of liquid gold. I must have the biggest collection of in the UK :wink:
I tried to do Jenzig 828, but without a detailed map of the area I couldn’t find your suggested parking spot near the football field so I gave up. I did the summit near Weimar and another one in the forest on the way home. Those 2 chimneys South of Jena are tall - do they have refs?
73 for now, Kickelhahn tomorrow with Tom DL1DVE.

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the S2S today always nice to chat with you. Hope you are enjoying the same WX as we have back here in blighty

72 Glyn

Forgot to mention the International :wink: SOTA meeting Saturday night in the pub in Catterfeld. Fine beers and food were enjoyed by Lutz DJ3AX, Angela DL1RMI, Mario DL4MFM, Bettina (xyl Mario) and myself where SOTA, GMA and battery technology amongst other things were discussed. Oh and Benny the SOTA hound joined us as well.

Yummi! Hope your car isnt overloaded now. :wink:
Tried to catch you on 10m on sunday, but all i heard was a non-readable voice in the noise floor, so no good to call.
Enjoy Kickelhahn!


Bettina = DC1BF

From Catterfeld it was a 2h drive until our holiday QTH, from here it is about 20 min to OK border.

73 de Mario

Hi Steve, thanks for today - wierd propagation ! Just going to do some jobs followed by a few beers. 31C here right now.

Listened for you Steve, but absolutely nothing doing here.

Mike G4BLH

Just got back. Had a 4th summit planned but a mix of crap conditions on all bands and the searing heat, I threw in the towel on the 3rd summit. Back to the car to drink 1.5l of Lidl orange juice. I don’t normally patronize McDonald’s, but in Germany if you buy a drink, you fill it up yourself, so in true SOTA spirit, I filled my large fanta up 3 times :slight_smile:
Anyway as I said, bands especicially the high ones were rubbish, but I managed to get the all important multiplier. Thanks to Mike TUH for being there on 2 of them. Now shower and beer - probably at the same time :wink:

Edit,thanks to Tom DL1DVE for driving from the other side of Dresden yesterday (280km each way) to jointly activate Kickelhahn and Grosser Finsterberg. I was worn out when I got back to Gotha, I imagine Tom was tired when he got home even if he is a spring chicken compared to me.